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Laminate Floors?

How to cover scratches on a laminate wood floor and make it shine till I can replace it? Thank You

How to paint or spray paint accessories ?

Hi l need to spray paint my bathroom accessories that were in chrome /silver to be spray painted in black matte example a soap dish that needs to go in the shower plz... See more

What can I do with old magazines

I've seen wall art I really like that was made with old magazines.

What plants are good to grow in your house in the winter?

i'd like to plant something in-doors, what would be a good recommendation for low-maintenance plants?

How do you make snowflake ornament?

I saw on your site that you could use pipe cleaners to form the outline of the snowflake. Put borax in boiling water and allow it to cool over night. I need to know... See more

Plugins refills

I saw a DIY on how to make plugins or wallflower refill and when I went into the search I couldn’t find it. Please help!

How to make pencil Christmas tree?

A broom handle garland and glue for a pencil tree

How do I make an outdoor snowman using concrete and rope?

I seen a post making a snowman from concrete and rope using punch balls. I wanted to know if you could use modge podge instead of concrete. And would it still hold up... See more

How do I clean outdoor upholstered furniture?

Hi, I would like to have suggestions on how to clean my sofa and two chairs which are on my outdoor, under roof, area. I can’t hose them because it would never dry so... See more
q suggestions for cleaning outdoor upholstered furniture

How can I make a DIY refill cartridge for my oil warmer air freshener?

Is there a recipe to make my own essential oil refill for my air freshener? I'd like to use some rosemary from the garden, & maybe some warm spices like cinnamon &... See more

How do i paint a wall that has been painted with PVA paint ?

the house i am staying in has been paint with PVA white paint i would like to paint again because i can not wash the walls it become ugly.

Gardening/landscape question: Any greenery fence ideas?

Bought a suburban house a year ago with a lovely green grass fenced backyard that has two pine trees and a slight grade up from the house to the back fence. My... See more
q gardening landscape question suburban backyard

Can I use chalk paint on bungee cord chair?

I want to change the color of my chair (199.00 at containter store so i'm not buying a new one). I was wondering if i can use chalk paint on the cords -- they're... See more

How can I make a flower chandelier such as this one (pic)?

Hi I was wondering if you could advise me on how to make this ceiling decoration.
q can you please help