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What are some clever uses for reclosable tops on pre-moistened wipes?

What are some clever uses for the snap reclosable tops on soft packs of premoistened wipes?

How to make the leg table as a stacking shelf?

I want to make a set of shelves containing the Leg Table concept. Stack one on top of the other for a four layers high set of shelves.Thank You, Susan Doss

Does a tin can on my patio need a special treatment?

A tin can in the patio needs a special treatment? With what?

What can baseballs be repurposed to?

I have a treasure trove of used baseballs that have been taking up valuable space in my garage. Is there anything functional or decorative that they can be... See more

How may I create some easy crafts using jars?

I have a crate of jars. I would like to make some crafts with them. I am not really all that crafty. Do you have any suggestions? As for painting them, I would not be... See more

How can I recycle plastic bags?

I need ideas on recycling plastic bags. I have so many very large plastic bag to dispose of at my job and hate tossing them in the garbage. Any ideas to keep them out... See more

How do I use old Valentine cards?

I have a collection of old Velantine cards, about 30. What can I do with them. Right now they are in a box, I would like to display them.

How can I repurpose the legs of old folding tables?

i have some old folding tables with heavy particle board tops that are not in good shape.Can anyone make suggestions for re purposing the legs or what one could use... See more

How do I prepare & preserve a tree trunk after carving out section?

How should i use to preserve the tree trunk. I want to crave out sections of the trunk to display figurings.

How can I reuse a trampoline frame?

I have a 15' trampoline frame in our back yard. I want to use it for something instead of cutting it up and discarding in the landfill. What are some ideas to make... See more

How would I decorate with several long pieces of driftwood?

I have several beautiful driftwood branches 6-8 feet long and do not know what to do with them. Any suggestions welcomed.

Can I use dry mashed potato flakes for birds?

I have an older bag of dried potato flakes that I was wondering if I could put out for the birds? I do not want to if anyone thinks it may be harmful for them!

How do I make a closet into a desk?

Make over closet so it like a desk