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What could I do with military surplus parachutes?
Julie Benson-Grant Julie Benson-Grant Answered 15 hours ago

I have the opportunity to acquire one or more military surplus parachutes. Besides using it for parachuting (which I will NOT be doing), what else could I do with the... See more

What can I do with large plastic pretzel containers?
K K Answered 2 days ago

Any suggestions on what I can make with large plastic pretzel containers? I have about five of them, don't know why I saved them, but I did! Wondering if anyone has... See more

What can I do with empty 1 gallon plastic distilled water containers?
Ftp7381651 Ftp7381651 Answered 2 days ago

What can I do with empty 1 gallon plastic distilled water containers with lids?

What can I do with the empty cans of wafer cookies?
Colleen Dishman Colleen Dishman Answered 2 days ago

The Pirouline cans measure 6 in. tall by 2 1/2 in. round & have tin lids. Gotta be good for something.

What can I do with extra glass cookware lids?
Rene Rene Answered 2 days ago

I have a bunch of extra lids from pots and pans I no longer have. Do you have any suggestions as to what to do with them? They are glass lids.

Does anyone know what to do with broken insulator glass?
Julie Moyna Julie Moyna Answered 2 days ago

Anyone know what I can do with all this beautiful glass? Such a waste! I thought these on eBay and this is how they came the man didn't even use any sort of wrappin... See more

Does anyone know what this is?

Just turn them upside down and open them, then insert a roll of paper towel and tada, you have yourself a brand new paper towel holder that is not only beautiful, but... See more

What to Do With All of Our Crystal, Depression & Carnival Glass??
South Shore Shabby Shack South Shore Shabby Shack Answered 2 days ago

Well, we make Lawn Art, totem poles... We're currently making mushrooms & flowers and totems on poles....

5 gallon glass water jug
Kim Kim Answered 2 days ago

I have an 5 gallon glass water jug and would love to reuse it but can't find any ideas for a jug that large.

What can I do with my old coffee pot?
Joanie Joanie Answered 4 days ago

The 12 Pot coffee pot I use to store my coffee in. I was wondering, what can I do with the guts that held the coffee grinds and the base that it set on???? Any idea... See more

What can you do with old dishwasher racks?
Cat Hopson Cat Hopson Answered 4 days ago

Does anyone have any ideas on what can be created with old dishwasher racks?

What can I do with an old wedding gown?
Michele Vargo Michele Vargo Answered 4 days ago

I have my mothers old wedding gown. I can't bring myself to get rid of it because it meant a lot to her. What can I do with it? Is there someone I could take it to... See more

How can I repurpose pickle jars?
Lynnette Lynnette Answered 4 days ago

I've been hanging on to these huge 2 quart pickle jars FOREVER. They're taking up ALOT of real estate in my kitchen cabinet. Since my creativity has gone kapoot I nee... See more

Recycling Cat Food Cans
Barbara Barbara Answered 4 days ago

We now live in a rural area with no trash pickup. I am separating our trash and doing what I can to compost, feed the chickens, burn or store to take to the dump. I... See more

Pallets- where can I get them?
Polly Zieper Polly Zieper Answered 4 days ago

I've been to 2 Home Depots in my town and neither would allow me to take even ONE- where is everyone in the DIY WORLD GETTING THEM?

What can I do with leftover machine screws?
Mzliz Mzliz Answered 4 days ago

We used install TV on the wall as a business, now I have so many leftover machine screw. All sizes 1/2" - 2-1/2".

Copper Metal Spool repurposing? Help!
Erica Erica Answered 5 days ago

Hi! I have been racking my brain trying to repurpose three copper metal spools that I have. The only ideas I have seem (to me) a bit lame. I have thought of sectionin... See more

What can I do with 17 unmatched leather gloves?
Susan B Susan B Answered on Sep 11, 2023

I would like ideas on how to repurpose women's leather dress gloves. They are too beautiful to just throw out, but none of them match.

How can I upycle 200 LIberty Falls houses?
Tara Robinett Tara Robinett Answered on Sep 04, 2023

I have over 200 Liberty Falls houses that I’ve been trying to sell. It’s not working so I’m wondering if you guys have any ideas to repurpose them? They are too... See more

Does anyone have any ideas of what to do with old air mattresses?
Jennifer Thoms Jennifer Thoms Answered on Sep 04, 2023

I have access to quite a few old air mattresses that all leak but it seems a shame to waste the thick material. Any ideas? :)

Does anyone have any creative ideas using broken drumsticks?
Sharyn Sharyn Answered on Sep 04, 2023

My son is a drummer and wants to keep his spent sticks. I'd like to find something fun to do with them that he can display.

Want to find a way to use old creamer and sugar containers. Any ideas
Kathy Munson Kathy Munson Answered on Sep 04, 2023

Hubby bought a box at an auction with 5 -1/2 sets of clear glass creamer and sugar containers. I don't drink or serve coffee..so any ideas of how they can be upcycled... See more

What can I do with these empty cat litter jugs?
Pge8320634 Pge8320634 Answered on Sep 04, 2023

I've got quite a collection of these. They are pretty sturdy plastic, either green or opaque clear. I can recycle them but I keep thinking someone more imaginativ... See more

Anyone have any ideas to use cake frosting containers
Michelle Kinnaird Michelle Kinnaird Answered on Sep 03, 2023

I bake a lot and always have lots of cake frosting containers so wanted to reuse them. Thanks.