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How to use unused bathtub for storage
Suky Suky Answered 8 hours ago

We do not use our bathtub, so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to turn it into storage--shelves or something--without too much effort. Thanks

Looking for ideas to use the cloth-bags that sheets & cases come in!
Becky Becky Answered 3 days ago

I hate to throw out the fabric bags that sheets and pillow cases come in I have a set with velcro closures and a set with elastic any ideas what to do with them ?

What to do with non-working solar lights???
Sue King Sue King Answered on Dec 06, 2019

I have several of the solar lights (the stake-type that go in the garden or along a walkway) and have not been able to toss them thinking there must be something crea... See more

How can i upcycle rigid foam packing blocks?
Cindy Cindy Answered on May 06, 2024

how can i upcycle rigid foam packing blocks?

How to make solar pool covers with pool noodles?
Paula Hurlburt Paula Hurlburt Answered on May 05, 2024

I saw small “Solar” pool covers made with pool noodles and black garbage bags. I was hoping to find the directions again.

What should I do with this rusty bucket?
Kelly | This Old Colonial Home Kelly | This Old Colonial Home Answered on May 05, 2024

I love rusty junk. So when I saw this bucket at a yard sale I liked it too much to pass it up. The question now is, what do I do with it? My only thought is to turn i... See more

Creative uses for empty cat litter buckets, anyone?
Sandi F.B. Sandi F.B. Answered on Apr 21, 2024

Does anyone have any ideas of things to do with empty cat litter plastic buckets? I did take a foam square and covered the bucket and foam with fabric to make a quick... See more

Is washi tape recyclable?
Sarah Sarah Answered on Apr 19, 2024

I'm moving to a new place and taking down my renter-friendly washi tape decor when I thought... wait, isn't this just paper? Can I chuck the washi paper in the recycl... See more

What ideas can you do with crystal and cut glass bowls?
The31820706 The31820706 Answered on Apr 09, 2024

i have many pieces of cut glass bowls im sure some are lead crystal and i want to make something useful but have no ideas i know some melt bottles to make spoon rests... See more

How do I soften burlap coffee bean sacks?
Paula Harris Paula Harris Answered on Apr 06, 2024

We just bought 12 burlap coffee bean sacks and they are so scratchy. We want to make table toppers or table cloths. Also if you have any suggestions for how to use ... See more

What can you do with old dishwasher racks?
Cat Hopson Cat Hopson Answered on Apr 01, 2024

Does anyone have any ideas on what can be created with old dishwasher racks?

How can I repurpose spray can lids?
TeeBea TeeBea Answered on Apr 01, 2024

I have several plastic lids from spray paint and aerosol cans that I want to do some sort of mid century modern wall/art piece. Or perhaps a mid century decor item bu... See more

Wine bottle shipping protective tray/how to reuse?
Deloris Deloris Answered on Apr 01, 2024

I buy wine online by the case and wonder what can made out of those molded protective trays that holds and secures the wine bottles in the container. They are so nic... See more

What can I do with this old storage shelf? I want to repurpose it...
Ally Ally Answered on Mar 27, 2024

i have this old VHS storage shelf and I know I can repurpose it but can't seem to think of anything. Does anyone have any ideas?

Old Safe.....Now What?!
Redeemwood Redeemwood Answered on Mar 27, 2024

Like the crazy I am... I bid successfully on this old safe that hasn't been opened because the combination is long since missing. Now what do I do with it ha ha ha...... See more

Sealing/smoothing crate wood
Jessica Hill Jessica Hill Answered on Mar 24, 2024

I am turning the sides of an old wooden crate into a coffee table top. The wood is similar to pallet wood: unfinished and prone to giving splinters. How might I go ab... See more

Does anyone have any ideas of what to do with old air mattresses?
Jennifer Thoms Jennifer Thoms Answered on Mar 23, 2024

I have access to quite a few old air mattresses that all leak but it seems a shame to waste the thick material. Any ideas? :)

What to do with old/vintage buttons ?
Xena Nierobisz Xena Nierobisz Answered on Mar 23, 2024

my mom gave me some old buttons. I think they are very nice and wanted to use them for cool crafts but I just went blank. I need an advice on an interesting crafty pr... See more

How can I repurpose pickle jars?
Lynnette Lynnette Answered on Mar 17, 2024

I've been hanging on to these huge 2 quart pickle jars FOREVER. They're taking up ALOT of real estate in my kitchen cabinet. Since my creativity has gone kapoot I nee... See more

An Old spitoon.
Patricia W Patricia W Answered on Mar 11, 2024

I found a very old hammered solid brass spitoon today at Humane Society thrift shop. I certainly dont want to turn it into a planter. Its about a two gallon size and ... See more

Ideas on different things I can do with these yummy old spools?
Confessions Of A Junkaholic Confessions Of A Junkaholic Answered on Mar 06, 2024

I'm a picker and came across lots and lots of these beauties. I took home several boxes of these purdies and are using for different projects. However, I want to find... See more

How can I upycle 200 LIberty Falls houses?
Tara Robinett Tara Robinett Answered on Mar 04, 2024

I have over 200 Liberty Falls houses that I’ve been trying to sell. It’s not working so I’m wondering if you guys have any ideas to repurpose them? They are too... See more

How can I upcycle a toilet seat?
Mara Vsn Mara Vsn Answered on Mar 04, 2024

can I do a panter or something with old toilet seat?

Any ideas on how to repurpose single earrings?
Carla Harris Bourg Carla Harris Bourg Answered on Mar 04, 2024

I do volunteer work for the Salvation Army and we get tons of earrings and so many do not have matches. Does anyone have any ideas on crafts that we could do to repur... See more