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What to do with Empty containers?

I have many empty rubbing alcohol containers, dishwashing detergent containers and laundry detergent containers..Any ideas of ways to reuse?!

How to make a Steamer trunk coffee table?

How do I turn a dome top steamer trunk into coffee table?

Does anyone know what this is?

Just turn them upside down and open them, then insert a roll of paper towel and tada, you have yourself a brand new paper towel holder that is not only beautiful, but... See more
q does anyone know what this is, repurposing upcycling

How can I make a futon into a sofa?

If only the legs of my futon a feet taller, any good ideas would be helpful. Thanks, Ann

What can this become?

I can't move this to the trash room. I have no back yard to paint or any supplies to sand this. I am tempted to find a way to use it. I am so tired of junk collecting... See more
q what can this become

How do I create something great with these gourds?

I want something colorful and weatherproof, please.
q how do i create something great with these gourds

What to do with triple dresser mirror sides?

I have refinished an oak dresser and decided to remove the side panels from the mirror. Any repurposing ideas?
q what to do with triple dresser mirror sides , repurpose furniture, repurpose household items, repurposing upcycling

Using my cabinets to make a pantry?

My idea is to use the two upper and lower cabinets at the end of my kitchen to make a pantry. I thought if I removed the doors on upper and lower cabinets and use... See more

?How can I use a vintage wooden ironing board?

I have an old wooden ironing board that I would like to repurpose. I considered using it as a console table in the entryway but wonder if anyone has more creative... See more

What can I do with glass jars?

I have a lot of nice clean glass jars from peanut butter and tomato sauce that I been collecting.I want to do something useful but I do not what.Any ideas?