Asked on Apr 09, 2014

Old Safe.....Now What?!

by Redeemwood
Like the crazy I am... I bid successfully on this old safe that hasn't been opened because the combination is long since missing. Now what do I do with it ha ha ha.... open it? Resell it as is, restore it.... make it into a bird cage?? :-) HELP!
Pretty cool looking I think
Should I touch it up a bit?
Really like to old coloring
I don't know if I ever want to open it. It seems so cool to let your imagination run wild as to what may be inside....
I want to stop and rust but I do like the way it looks. I need someone to guide me on this one so that I don't ruin it!
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  • Kathy Smith Kathy Smith on Apr 09, 2014
    hve a locksmith open it you may find a treasue in it
  • Pamela Knott Pamela Knott on Apr 09, 2014
    In my estate sales, we call this a boat anchor because it doesn't unlock. However, I would see if a locksmith could open it. Safes are cool things to have! You could always use it for storage. It looks pinkish, is that true?.
  • Redeemwood Redeemwood on Apr 09, 2014
    Call it what you will Pamela knott, and I am not sure why you troll posts to make negative comments (I look at a few of your comments elsewhere). What truly matters is that I like it and will have fun doing something with it.... and besides I like to fish, ha ha ha! But you have a wonderful day anyway, I truly mean that!
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    • Pat Pat on Jun 05, 2021

      Use some TNT?...

  • Teri Teri on Apr 09, 2014
    Can you tell at all if something is inside? I just had a idea if it was mine I would try to get it open and if I did I would put dirt inside and plant some kind of flowering vine and use it as yard art.Oh my head now is full of ideas what I would do. :)(And what's inside). lol
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    • Donna Conrad Donna Conrad on Apr 10, 2014
      @Redeemwood I would somehow open it, too. If you can't - perhaps, a welder might be able to do so. Then, if you refurbish, it would make a cute little cabinet or accent "table" on wheels for books to place on a shelf inside, and a darling lamp on the top, or a vase...or even a cushion as a storage bin/ottoman of sorts.
  • Lisa Lisa on Apr 09, 2014
    I would look up M.H King to see who it might have been. Also there's a # on the top that looks like 655,which I would think it was labeled in archive somewhere. J.Baum safe & lock co. In Cincinnati O. to see what era this might have been. I wouldn't do anything until i found out all the info that I could on it. It's a nice piece of furn for show and a communication starter for one thing.
  • Becky Becky on Apr 09, 2014
    Why not start a contest with the grand kids? The first one to open it gets.... Make a butcher block for the top of it and you have a truly one-of-a-kind side table. It is an amazing piece and I would have been over the moon to bid on this and actually get it! You are very blessed with this piece of history.
  • Michele Eures Michele Eures on Apr 09, 2014
    Your mission, should you choose to accept it,
  • Bret Hollenbeck Bret Hollenbeck on Apr 10, 2014
    I wouldn't change the outside at all, take it to a body shop and have a few coats of clear sprayed on it, or you can do it yourself with a clear lacquer. It will stop the rust and keep it looking just like it is for many years.
  • Kara Spurlock Kara Spurlock on Apr 10, 2014
    I love the safe! I would def try to open it! Restore it , then turn it into a mini bar! Let's us know your outcome!
  • Redeemwood Redeemwood on Apr 10, 2014
    I put a call into a safecracker and am waiting his response. I don't want to drill and damage the safe so I am hoping that they can do the old stethoscope safecracking technique.... :)
  • Niki Hart Niki Hart on Apr 10, 2014
    I would try to remove some or all of the pink, use some sealer to stop the rust and make an end table out of it. What a wonderful conversation piece! More than likely it is empty, but the mystery would remain! You could check with a locksmith, but the cost might keep me from opening it, plus loving the thoughts and conversations it would spur!
  • Sarah Manning-Sharrett Sarah Manning-Sharrett on Apr 10, 2014
    As a family genealogist @Redeemwood I would love to know the history of the safe!! Was it in a bank that was robbed? Was it in a business? Might find some interesting tidbits to share with visitors besides just seeing what is inside!!
  • Lucy Fraser Lucy Fraser on Apr 10, 2014
    I would have to know what was in it! Although I did get burnt purposely once with a jewelry box with secret compartment lol but it was fun! Id find a old fashioned thief, lol. Then Id close it back up and sell it to some one else with a curious nature! Good luck!
  • Joanna Carrisal Joanna Carrisal on Apr 10, 2014
    It is definitely a conversation piece. I wouldn't do anything but clean it. If you can get a locksmith to open it that would be awesome. You could possibly have the lock reworked and store pistols and ammo in it.
  • Pop Pop on Apr 10, 2014
    Hello: I take rusty tools etc. and clean off any loose rust and wire brush them. I use red transmission fluid heavily and then rub it down untill just the shine is there. Non oily and will not rust. As for opening the safe, find a local rehabilitated safe cracker...Good luck..Mike aka Pop
  • Cynthia Serrano Cynthia Serrano on Apr 10, 2014
    Blow it up! :-)
  • Roxanne Roxanne on Apr 10, 2014
    Just clean and display it..really is a beauty!
  • Kenny24 Kenny24 on Apr 10, 2014
    Touch it up and make it a side table.
  • Sheri Janeck Sheri Janeck on Apr 10, 2014
    Name: M H King Company #6 Street: 1455 Main Street Gooding, id 83330-1838 Phone: (208) 934-4461
  • Larry Lou Larry Lou on Apr 10, 2014
    I really hope you do try to find out the safe's history then go from there. If not do get a safe cracker and go for it. Best of luck to you, keep us all posted :)
  • Susan Jordan Susan Jordan on Apr 10, 2014
    Put it on elevated legs and turn it into a bar..
  • Car316352 Car316352 on Apr 10, 2014
    I would have to see whats in could you not? Then preserve it
  • Sandy Eck Sandy Eck on Apr 10, 2014
    Not sure what you mean abut a bird cage, hopefully not one you intend to put a bird in. Those metals are dangerous and would kill a bird, It would be to heavy for a cage anyhow, but I may not be following the train of thought you are. I love it, as is, and would maybe use it as a side table. Dont think I would cut into it, but maybe go to a lock smith for this type of thing,
  • Sara Glenn Sara Glenn on Apr 10, 2014
    cant you remove the hinge pins?
  • Michelle Vizzo Dalling Michelle Vizzo Dalling on Apr 10, 2014
    Call a safe cracker
  • Rosie Rosie on Apr 10, 2014
    I'm sure Wyle E. Coyote would buy it
  • Janieac Janieac on Apr 10, 2014
    Make a wonderful base to an Island
  • Karen Brown Karen Brown on Apr 10, 2014
    Can it be opened by removing hingrs, etc. Clean it up somewhat and you could put shelves inside. Might be surprised at what is inside. New treasure. If you do open it, let us know what you found
  • Denise Deschamps Denise Deschamps on Apr 10, 2014
    If you decided to open it, let us know what's in it!!!
  • Thea Moskos Thea Moskos on Apr 10, 2014
    call a locksmith, ask how much
  • Pam W Pam W on Apr 10, 2014
    sit a beautiful plant on it
  • Thea Moskos Thea Moskos on Apr 10, 2014
    see if it has a serial number and google it
  • Kimberly Kimberly on Apr 10, 2014
    I would take it.. Tell my kids we inherited it and not open it at all. Boy would they go nuts trying to figure out whats inside. You can drill a hole and put a camera inside to see what's there.
    • Redeemwood Redeemwood on Apr 11, 2014
      @Kimberly I actually thought about doing that Kimberly! I am a bit ornery that way!
  • Londa Barth Fulton Londa Barth Fulton on Apr 10, 2014
    find a locksmith that sells this type of safe. They just might be able to open it. Could have a treasure inside
  • Kimberly Kimberly on Apr 10, 2014
    What if there are deadly chemicals or a old body? lol
  • Suzi Hickman Suzi Hickman on Apr 10, 2014
    I don't think I would clean it up too much. Maybe lightly use some steel wool to get the worst of the rust, but leave the worn look and maybe wax over it. I would want to retain the original paint on it. But DEFINITELY open it. There may be some antique papers in there you could display as well.
  • Suzanne Fragiacomo Suzanne Fragiacomo on Apr 10, 2014
    Clear coat and use it as end table! Really cool find!
  • Patty Reisz Patty Reisz on Apr 10, 2014
    Even if you can't open it, I think it would look really cool - restored - and a really cool antique table lamp on top.
  • Kathy Huntington Kathy Huntington on Apr 10, 2014
    Gee, we have a safe with the same provenance. Ours was owned by a coin dealer, and no combination. Do you blow it open, sell as is, or I like the idea of a table base!!!
  • BMack Aka Crazy Legs BMack Aka Crazy Legs on Apr 10, 2014
    I love the way it looks.I wonder what is inside? :)
  • Diana Letterman Baker Diana Letterman Baker on Apr 10, 2014
    It would make a good paper weight!!
    • Redeemwood Redeemwood on Apr 11, 2014
      @Diana Letterman Baker Only if you never wanted to get to that piece of paper again Diana.... :)
  • Ginger H Ginger H on Apr 10, 2014
    Found this info online. I think it would be beautiful in its patina'd condition. Just wax it really well pop a wood top on it and use it as a table lamp or a entry table. Beautiful find. J. BAUM SAFE & LOCK COMPANY (1916 to mid-1920’s), Cincinnati, OH. 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis – Participant – Dept. D., Group 41, #0827, won a “grand prize” for their display at the exposition, (NOT any particular safe). The J. Baum Safe & Lock was organized May 26th 1916 to succeed the Baum Safe Company, established in 1893 to succeed the Warth-Baum Safe & Lock Company. J. Baum bought out all Warth’s interests in the company in 1903. Warth-Baum Safe & Lock Company was organized around 1870. The predecessor company was the Warth Safe & Vault Company. It was reorganized AFTER the founders death December 17, 1915 to incorporate and honor his name. However, my recent research indicates that the company WAS doing business as "J. Baum Safe & Lock" prior to the 1916 date. It may simply be that the company had NOT "Incorporated" until that date! At a minimum WHAT we do know is that your safe would have been built AFTER the 1908 "patent" date, and before the company closed in the mid 1920's. What we need to do now is to try to narrow this date down somewhat for you. The "A. F. Anderson & Co., Los Angeles" was probably just a distributor or sales agent.
  • DA DA on Apr 10, 2014 LOVES safes! Make sure to post pictures over there and they will guide you! They just really want to see what is inside!
  • Alma Williams Alma Williams on Apr 10, 2014
    Omigosh, curiosity would kill me! Get a locksmith to open it posthaste. :) Even if it's empty, it now has a function. I wouldn't do too much with it; just clean it up, don't mess with the vintage finish, maybe wax over it? I love it!
  • Ginger H Ginger H on Apr 10, 2014
    Don't know if this will work but, curiosity would make me try it.
  • Carolynm Carolynm on Apr 10, 2014
    A professional locksmith can open a safe, without doing any damage. I would then cut a stencil for the lettering and refinish it. and reapply the lettering. ( I worked in a 100 year old company where a safe hadn't been opened in 25 years a a Norlock employee opened it, reset the combination and wrote it down for us.)
  • Carrie Carrie on Apr 10, 2014
    I would have to open it, and yes redo it!
  • Jeanne Jeanne on Apr 10, 2014
    Dont you want to see if there are treasures in it ? That must be kinda heavy huh. Nice coloring on it
  • Susan Gayle Susan Gayle on Apr 10, 2014
    Definitely open it before selling it. Old safes often had tons of asbestos in the walls, so be careful if you think you can hammer it open. Not! It is probably worth the locksmith drilling it and then the new owner can have a new combo put in it if they want to. My Dad was a locksmith for over 60 years and when he passed we had several old safes to deal with. One had old ammo in it, so you just never know.... Just be careful, as you never know what lurks in old locked safes.... :)
  • Kathy Nichols Kathy Nichols on Apr 10, 2014
    Cool end table as is!
  • KatieAnn KatieAnn on Apr 10, 2014
    looks like a pretty good boat anchor.....
  • Terri Brodfuehrer Terri Brodfuehrer on Apr 10, 2014
    have a locksmith drill it open.. shouldn't take much since it's so old. I think it looks cool just as is.
  • Rose Marie S Rose Marie S on Apr 10, 2014
    I would keep it the way it is and see what a locksmith would cost to open it. It would drive me crazy wondering if anything was in it and that if there was if it was worth anything. I would definitely keep it in this antique condition. Other than waxing it with a
  • Wendy Wendy on Apr 10, 2014
    Open it then put a clear coat over it. Write a letter from your family and seal it back up
  • Robin Mericle Robin Mericle on Apr 10, 2014
    Gosh curiosity would drive me nuts. Lol
  • Becky Becky on Apr 10, 2014
    BLAST Man!!!
  • Faye Spiers Faye Spiers on Apr 11, 2014
    If you do open it please let us know if you find anything interesting in it.
  • Rose Marie S Rose Marie S on Apr 11, 2014
    I would be trying to find a way to open it, like a locksmith. The curiosity would get the best of me. IMO I would probably keep it the way it is, after a good cleaning, perhaps a special wax to highlight it's vintage stage. Would make a good conversation piece with a piece of glass or mirror covering the top.
  • Get that thing opened!
  • Teri Teri on Apr 11, 2014
    I'd have to get it opened! LOL I would probably wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove any loose dust, etc. and then seal it to keep it from rusting further. If you love the looks of it as is, why refinish it? If it's antique, may be best to just wax it rather than putting on some sort of poly coat.
  • Laurie Meier Laurie Meier on Apr 11, 2014
    we have the same safe, and to get it open you will need a stick of dynamite. there is no easy way to do it for the way they were made back in the day! Good luck!!
  • Jo Jo on Apr 11, 2014
    Open, clean, then put a piece of glass on top and admire!
  • Larry Anderson Larry Anderson on Apr 11, 2014
    Re - sell it. Moving it will be a bear.
    • Redeemwood Redeemwood on Apr 11, 2014
      @Larry Anderson Not really Larry..... A bear would be much easier to move than this old man, suckers HEAVY!!!! :-)
  • Sandra Parker Sandra Parker on Apr 11, 2014
    Have you given it a good topple to see if it sounds like it contains anything? I would somehow get it open without causing any damage, then jusy clean and wax's beautiful. Did you pay a ton for it? Would love to get my hands on a piece like that at an auction!
  • Barbara williams Barbara williams on Apr 11, 2014
    I would sand blast it then ponder what I do ..probably look up safes on the internet and copy the one I I will be happy to buy of course lol
  • Jeff Hawkins Jeff Hawkins on Apr 11, 2014
    Maybe it was taken out of service properly. Try turning the dial to the left about 4 times and stop on '50' then turn it back slowly and you might feel it 'drop in' at somewhere between 25 and 75. Continue to the right to open. If that doesn't work but you feel a bump or something between those two numbers (25 and 75) rock the dial slightly on each side of the 'bump' and it might drop in. Continue right to open. If that doesn't work. Try it again by turning to the right about 4 times again stopping on 50. Turn back toward 75 to 25 trying to feel the 'bump'. If it stops it's probably unlocked. You could paint is but I'd just clean it up unless I wanted to actually restore it with the original color and lettering.
    • Redeemwood Redeemwood on Apr 11, 2014
      @Jeff Hawkins I will try that Jeff. Is that the standard way of taking a safe out of service? I had never heard that but then I don't know anything about safes.
  • Brenda H Brenda H on Apr 11, 2014
    I think it's a really cool piece. I'd try to clean up a bit and seal with poly. I would def. try to find a locksmith or search your area for someone that restores items such as this and they may be able to help get it unlocked without a lot of damage. Good luck with it.
  • Mary McNamara Mary McNamara on Apr 11, 2014
    end table and leave it alone ,maybe some bees wax
  • Stephanie George Stephanie George on Apr 11, 2014
    Do you know if anything is inside? I'd have to
    • Redeemwood Redeemwood on Apr 11, 2014
      @Stephanie George I tried to shake and listen like you would a Christmas present but it was too heavy.... LOL!
  • Barb M Barb M on Apr 11, 2014
    Why don't you contact the Cincinnati Safe Co. and ask if there is a way to know the com for the safe that they made?
  • Judy4justice Judy4justice on Apr 11, 2014
    You could Google this for images and how to's on opening it.I would have to open it!!May contain some piece of priceless memorabalia,directions to where Jimmy Hoffa's body is,etc.LOL
  • Kim D Kim D on Apr 11, 2014
    I hope I see you on world news when you open it and find it contains a fortune! In the meantime, paint it, like in Brenda H.'s photos!
    • Redeemwood Redeemwood on Apr 11, 2014
      @Kim D I have a call into Geraldo Rivera, I am thinking this is right up his alley... :D
  • Judy Martin Judy Martin on Apr 11, 2014
    yes try to get it open!! also I would not mess it up with paint, just clean up ...put glass on top & save it until open....old safe maybe worth a few...cents... either way it a neet piece.... do try to open it some how check it out on line also
  • Lori Dunkel Lori Dunkel on Apr 11, 2014
    Maybe I am the only one...but I think you leave it just like it is! I thinks it's beautiful!
  • Janet Blakely Janet Blakely on Apr 11, 2014
    First Who was M H KING ? Then I would Find someone who can open it, and then and only after being sure that there is no Historic Value to this would I ever Dream of Changing it in any way.
  • Candy Risner Candy Risner on Apr 11, 2014
    end table, it is really cool!
  • Brenda Specketer Brenda Specketer on Apr 11, 2014
    I'd have to try to get it open -- curiousity would kill me!
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Apr 11, 2014
    OH MY! Full of gold coins I am sure! Please keep us informed of what you find inside. Somewhere on the outside of the safe there is an ID number. Get that number and call the manufacturer; they will send you a form to fill out and then they will give you the combination. Hubby bought a "Sentury" safe and this is how he got it opened. He still uses it. If it is an old one, you can find a locksmith that deals in this type of work.
  • Margaret M Margaret M on Apr 11, 2014
    Open it...heard about a month ago a man bought a safe in a storage auction and was going to just throw it away but decided to pry it open first and it was filled with old cash! (Sorry don't remember exact amount)
  • Buy a fancy cabinet to display it in...
  • Linda Batchelor Linda Batchelor on Apr 11, 2014
    I would leave it alone and put glass on top and use it for a table
  • Nona Foley Nona Foley on Apr 11, 2014
    I would lightly sand it and use it for a table...
  • Wes Normandin Wes Normandin on Apr 11, 2014
    A good locksmith should be able to open it without damaging it.
  • Carole Spahr Carole Spahr on Apr 11, 2014
    Bore it
  • Linda Pettit Linda Pettit on Apr 11, 2014
    My Dad has one of these built in the basement wall and his lock messed up. We called a locksmith and he opened it for $25
  • Robin Gilbert Robin Gilbert on Apr 11, 2014
    Cut the back open! Put wheels on the bottom, shelves in it and store stuff in it!
  • Dale Mckibben Dale Mckibben on Apr 11, 2014
    I would HAVE to know what is inside ! I wouldn't repaint it, I agree add a top and make it a side table.
  • Leah Johnson Leah Johnson on Apr 11, 2014
    we had such a safe given to us without the combination.. looked almost like the one above.. we had a friend who is a locksmith get it open and put in a new combination..and we had a safe.. It was so danged heavy we had to keep it in the garage on the cement floor as was too heavy for the house...but we did find a couple valuables in it when it was opened...
  • Teresa H Teresa H on Apr 11, 2014
    Love the wheels!
  • Sandi Peck Sandi Peck on Apr 11, 2014
    M. H. King was possible the same person who founded King's Discount Stores in 1915 in Burley, Idaho and has 26 stores in Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming. It looks to be a portable floor safe, probably late 1800's or early 1900's.
  • Mariann Tausch Mariann Tausch on Apr 11, 2014
    I see a fantastic end table!!!!
  • Pamela Knott Pamela Knott on Apr 12, 2014
    Did you ever get it home? They are extremely heavy and that's usually a story in itself!! It usually takes a wrecker to get it home. And the wheels don't turn, only roll back and forth. I wonder why they did that?
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    • Jeff Hawkins Jeff Hawkins on Apr 13, 2014
      @Redeemwood I take it the former owner left an actual combination on it then. Sorry the other didn't work but that is a nice enough safe to have it opened and repaired professionally.
  • Kathy Smith Kathy Smith on Apr 12, 2014
    get a lock smith to open it that way you can do what you like with it
  • Redeemwood Redeemwood on Apr 18, 2014
    Darn........ Safe Cracker had to cancel for today.... He will be here Monday morning!!!
  • Lucy Fraser Lucy Fraser on Apr 19, 2014
    The suspence mounts! Too bad my brother aint still alive itd be a snap lol!
  • Vikki Vikki on Apr 19, 2014
    I can't wait to hear what's in it! Meanwhile I agree with most. Clean it up a bit then seal. Great end table.
  • Carrie Carrie on Apr 22, 2014
    @1 result is available, use up and down arrow keys to navigate.redeemwoodI am in suspense also. Did you ever find out what's inside???
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    • Redeemwood Redeemwood on Apr 23, 2014
      @Lucy Fraser ha ha ha, I think I have almost worn the dial out. I actually wrote down some numbers that I thought I could feel.... I am having a blast with this... even if it is empty its worth all the fun!
  • Carrie Carrie on Apr 22, 2014
    @Redeemwood Well Happy Birthday early. Maybe it will have a nice birthday present in it for you. With my luck it would have counterfeit money. Lol! Good Luck.
  • Redeemwood Redeemwood on Apr 23, 2014
    Ok!!! The NEW scheduled day of Safe Cracking is this Friday April 25th starting at 9am Mountain Standard Time. I have no idea how long it will take or if it will open because he is a self described "Old fashioned touch and feel" safe cracker... Loving it!!
  • Lucy Fraser Lucy Fraser on Apr 23, 2014
    Enjoy...It would make me crazy but happy too! lol...
  • Kathy Smith Kathy Smith on Apr 23, 2014
    what is in it or havent you fuond out yet?
  • Kathy Smith Kathy Smith on Apr 23, 2014
    @Redeemwood where did you get it to strt wth?
  • Redeemwood Redeemwood on Apr 23, 2014
    See above...opening this Friday "I hope"! I got it at an auction a few weeks back.... its been a scheduling nightmare to get a safe cracker here!
  • Carrie Carrie on Apr 23, 2014
    I agree, I would still keep it anyway. I think it is awsome.
  • Lucy Fraser Lucy Fraser on Apr 24, 2014
    Well I hope your GRAND OPENING lands you a wonderful fantastic valuable gift! Good Luck Buddy I am rootin for ya!
  • Peggy Schmitt Peggy Schmitt on Apr 25, 2014
    The suspence is killing me! Open it, not open it, open it, not open it. OPEN IT! If you lived in Missouri, I know a great lock smith that could open it for you.
  • Redeemwood Redeemwood on Apr 25, 2014
    The safe cracker was unsuccessful..... :( apparently a tumbler inside may be broken or something.... sorry folks but I am going in from the back.....I cant wait any longer.... stand back everyone!!
  • Julie Sims Julie Sims on Apr 25, 2014
    HOW FUN!!! Even empty, this is an amazing story to pass down forever!!!
  • Julie Sims Julie Sims on Apr 25, 2014
    As for uses...can't one get a new tumbler system? USE IT! These old safes where built to withstand anything, as you have yourself discovered!
  • Redeemwood Redeemwood on Apr 26, 2014
    Ok! I got it open (with some minor damage to the back side) I disassembled the tumbler and figured out the combination (that took me a couple hours as I am not a safe cracker). Nothing inside and the wood shelves were a little rough and the keyed door was without a key. I think I am going to refinish the interior with new wood and (one drawer and the metal keyed door are in good shape). This will probably be a great winter project,,,unless I just cant leave it alone that long :)
  • Pamela Knott Pamela Knott on Apr 26, 2014
    I love the inside color! Your idea of cutting off the front 4" so the whole front could hang on a wall would be so cool! One of a kind, for sure! But how do cut something like this? And how do you hang something like this?
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    • Pamela Knott Pamela Knott on Apr 26, 2014
      @Redeemwood I'd go for it! If you can do it! I'd have to hire all that done. You are very lucky to be able to do it yourself!
  • Lucy Fraser Lucy Fraser on Apr 26, 2014
    @Redeemwood What a cool ending....Or beginning. And as someone mentioned what a great story to be passed down. Maybe you can write about it all your feelings the excitement all the things you imagined could be in it, etc. I dont know what you paid but the entertainment value alone, seems worth it! Thank you soo much for taking me on the journey with you. Let me know how it ends up looking so many possibilities. I think were it me I would find some paint to match interior red, trim it out just like it is in a yellow taping off the name in the front to leave it exactly as it is even the color around it. Id use it as a table leaving it so it opens as a conversation piece, leaving the story written inside of it. Blessings! Lucy
    • Redeemwood Redeemwood on Apr 26, 2014
      @Lucy Fraser I like that in life there is never an ending, only the beginning of a new adventure.... the same is true with the life of this old safe, it will soon embark on a whole new adventure!
  • Carrie Carrie on Apr 26, 2014
    @Redeemwood So glad you got it opened, love the little wooden drawer inside and so awesome that you could figure out the combination. Happy Birthday!
  • Vikki Vikki on May 12, 2014
    Too bad there was nothing in it but I still love it! The idea to cut all but 4" and make a wall hanging is definitely cool--but I think if save that genius idea for a less antique one. Maybe even a new one made to look antique & chippy. This one has history, the inside is so cool and would look fab refinished. I'm sticking with the table idea because it'll preserve the safe itself. Maybe add a beautifully stained and rough hewn wood top for a rustic look, or a glass top suspended about an inch up with some kind of risers--like gear pieces, and it'll become industrial chic. Either way works to me!!
  • Kathy Smith Kathy Smith on May 13, 2014
    if you got a lock smit bet he could of opened it
  • Jim Jakes Jim Jakes on Jun 22, 2014
    It's a wonderful piece! Anxious to see what you do with it.
  • Starr Durrant Starr Durrant on Sep 23, 2014
    I'm with Jim - I'm eager to see what you do. Might make a great family time capsule
  • Leslie Hume Leslie Hume on Oct 02, 2017

    definitely pay to have a professional open it so you don't break the combo. It's so cool and there might be a treasure in there

  • Lisa Mastrogiovanni Lisa Mastrogiovanni on Oct 06, 2017

    If you do want to open it, safe companies can help. You can also ask them the value before you decide what to do with it

  • Alton Abbott Alton Abbott on Nov 27, 2017

    spray the old safe with green hammered spray paint.

  • Faith Evans Faith Evans on Sep 21, 2019

    Get a lock smith

  • Tipper Tipper on Aug 11, 2020

    Your not craze. I’ve done the same,

  • Tipper Tipper on Aug 11, 2020

    Have some strong pick it up and drop it. It won’t hurt the safe, but it will open.

  • John John on Feb 20, 2021

    There is a company in upstate ny that sales parts for old safes. They are probably very knowledgeable about antique safes. 518-271-0783

    Good luck

  • Em Em on Jun 05, 2021

    I would have it opened check out the inside, put a protective coating on it, add a wooden top and use it as a coffee table.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jun 05, 2021

    Hi, Get a locksmith to open it for you!

  • Mogie Mogie on Aug 17, 2023

    If there is something inside I would call a lock smith (does it jiggle when you move it)?

  • You could hire a locksmith to get it open or just leave it as a mystery and use it as an end table.

  • Betsy Betsy on Aug 18, 2023

    Hi Redeemwood: Here's a site with a bunch of ideas on how to open it. I'd buy it too, just because :) can someone open an old safe wth no combination - Bing video

    Good luck

  • Dee Dee on Aug 18, 2023

    Find the serial number, which is usually on the side or on the back panel of the safe, and contact the manufacturer. There is a good chance that they will be able to recover the combination for you. If this isn't; possible, a skillful locksmith should be able to manipulate the lock.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Aug 19, 2023

    Locksmith or Sell to the highest bidder!

  • Janice Janice on Mar 27, 2024

    So, discovered this question and did some research and prepared with a few suggestions to get it open.....then kept reading and see that you did get it open. Love that you kept it and have a plan to use it!! :)