Dated stereo glass cabinet

Kathy Johnson
by Kathy Johnson
I need ideas on what you would use this glass cabinet for now. Can I change the look of it? Would we be able to repurpose it????
It's just sitting around in the garage collecting dust and getting in the way. Any ideas????
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  • PainterNoni PainterNoni on Jul 02, 2015
    This might be a fun project to try using alcohol paints for a stained glass look..then paint the rest in a vibrant color..........and put stuff in it...........
    • Margaret Margaret on Jul 03, 2015
      @PainterNoni Great idea about the alcohol paints.I have been on utube learning about them. Looks like fun and so beautiful
  • Kathy Johnson Kathy Johnson on Jul 02, 2015
    I don't know anything about alcohol paints, but sounds like a good possibility, thank you
  • Wanda Arganbright Wanda Arganbright on Jul 02, 2015
    Paint it a nice color that goes well in your bedroom and use it as a side table and display your prettiest shoes in it.
  • Brenda Estes Wyatt Brenda Estes Wyatt on Jul 03, 2015
    I would put chicken wire on it and frame the glass with a wood frame. paint and distress the cabinet, paint the inside a light color. change out the wheels with vintage ones. And there you go...a pie safe, or china hutch.
  • SandyT SandyT on Jul 03, 2015
    Love Brenda's idea!
  • Fab and Pretty Fab and Pretty on Jul 03, 2015
    great idea's above. You could also put a back on it, a wider top with a handle like rod on each side, paint it all out, and use it as a rolling serving cart with what ever you need inside for the occasion....
  • PainterNoni PainterNoni on Jul 03, 2015
    I haven't actually used the alcohol paints yet, because of my many other projects..but I really want to try it.
  • Mary Mary on Jul 03, 2015
    I would use it in a closet for purses or jewelry or shoes. You could add a new top and add new "siding" either by wall paper or thin wood etc. I like that it has a glass door to see in it. If you don't like the door you could make it an antique looking mirror. I have seen tutorials for that before.
  • Swan Road Designs Swan Road Designs on Jul 03, 2015
    This is a little "outside the box," but how about spraying the inside silver, filling it with small clear lights (I mean stuffing it full.), painting the outside with glow-in-the-dark paint and using it as a lighting "focal" point for your patio or deck. The glow-in-the-dark paint sprays on almost clear but really packs a punch when it's been charged by natural light. The most effective brand I've found is Rust-Oleum. Glows great and is very durable.
  • Rhonda Miller Rhonda Miller on Jul 03, 2015
    It could be used for little kids dress up clothes. Put a tension rod inside and maybe remove a shelf
  • Rhonda Miller Rhonda Miller on Jul 03, 2015
    Coffee table turned on back or side
  • B. Enne B. Enne on Jul 03, 2015
    How about a little bar? You could add mirrors in the back or on the side.
  • Betsy Wilson Betsy Wilson on Jul 03, 2015
    Add legs and repurpose as a curio
  • Barbara McGovern Barbara McGovern on Jul 03, 2015
    Remove the wheels and add feet from the hardware store, add a back panel, paint it, and it becomes a display case.
  • Lindy Lindy on Jul 03, 2015
    Is it glass on three sides (including the door) and open in the back? Can better assess with those items noted. The reflection looked like this was the case but not sure.
  • Dreamin of Home Dreamin of Home on Jul 03, 2015
    remove wheels and shelves, paint, then hang on a kitchen wall in horizontal position for a great cabinet. Of course you'd want the glass door to open "upward".
  • Cynthiavanzee Cynthiavanzee on Jul 03, 2015
    put a back on it and use for storage or turn into a place for off season clothes
  • Dreamin of Home Dreamin of Home on Jul 03, 2015
    PS: using Amy L's idea, it'd be really nice looking to frost a pattern on the glass as well...
  • PattyV PattyV on Jul 03, 2015
    I'd frost the glass and use the cabinet as a wine rack.
  • Susan Bechamp Susan Bechamp on Jul 03, 2015
    I have two of these cabinets. The insides are painted off white. The outside I covered in cork. (Glued on). I nailed aromatic cedar boards to the back of mine. Repositioned the shelves and I store my sewing supplies in one and fabrics in the other. The hinged top gives access to a tray holding spools of thread and assorted needles. Patterns get thumb tacked to the cork exterior.
  • OhSally OhSally on Jul 03, 2015
    I'd put a wider top on it, and make a coffee center. I'd sand down the outside and paint it to match your room. I'd leave the glass as is and store nice coffee mugs, coffee grounds in an attractive container, a teapot, decorative container for teabags, etc. The wheels don't look all that steady, so I would probably take them off because you wouldn't want hot coffee to spill on someone if it tips over. BUT, steady wheels would be nice if you wanted to move your coffee center to a convenient place when you have company. I would either paint the inside or cover it with wallpaper or decorative papers like people use for scrapbooks. Maybe upgrade the outside with some molding.
  • Harriett Harriett on Jul 03, 2015
    Thank you OhSally! I have one of these too and your idea would be perfect in my home office so I don't have to go to the kitchen every time I want a cup of coffee.
  • Jen Stenjem Jen Stenjem on Jul 03, 2015
    It might make a nice wine rack.
  • Tena Abbey Tena Abbey on Jul 03, 2015
    I actually taped some beautiful wrapping paper to the inside of the glass. You could also use wallpaper or something to match your decor. Worked well for me!
  • Brenda Cooley Brenda Cooley on Jul 03, 2015
    You could use it dishes, linens can by decals or make them or frost the glass door. Have fun.
  • Cindy Cindy on Jul 03, 2015
    I would turn it into a wine cart. Get the wire rack system to hang glasses from the first shelve and put wine bottle holders in the others. Put a nice stained piece of wood for a top, see if you could find a nice grape or a French wine themed stencil and etch it into the glass front.
  • Tagwatts1 Tagwatts1 on Jul 03, 2015
    II think first, you need to ask yourself. (1) Do I really still want to maintain this as furniture (2) will it fit in with a long range plan (3) is the money it will take really worth it to me and (4) what ideas have you already thought about for this furniture. Sometimes, it is best to think about giving it away, place price on it and donate it or market it on the street as no fees, just haul it away.
  • Dorothea brice Dorothea brice on Jul 04, 2015
    I would install glass or mirror shelves and paint the rest of it white and stencil the surface with flowers or other design for simple beauty.
  • Kathy Kathy on Jul 04, 2015
    Do you still have room for it? If yes, then I would repurpose it into a moveable wet bar/wine bar that can be used outdoors or indoors. I would decorate it according to your home decor. For example, my decor is Mission Style so I would give it a good cleaning, take the glass door off, paint the sides with black chalkboard paint or use black chalkboard contact paper, to frame the sides I would do a stained wood flat trim like 1 x 2's on the edges, put a glass wine rack under the top, attach a 1/2" wood top that's stained and polyurethaned and overhangs on each side (or a thin butcher block-can't be too heavy), and for sure add bigger castors to accommodate the weight. Adjust the shelves according to your needs for accessories. Put the wine/liquor on the bottom shelf, since they require a tall space. You can write what you are serving on the sides with chalk, one side for appetizers and the other for various wines, etc. The top can also be a small buffet table for the appetizers. Have fun and good luck! Kathy from Lake Forest, CA
  • Stephanie Bovee Stephanie Bovee on Jul 04, 2015
    I see a new dvd rack through repurposing. Or turn it sideways and turn it into a beautiful glass case to display some most important memorabilia.
  • Karehicks Karehicks on Jul 05, 2015
    My philosophy is, "if it's standing still for more than 3 seconds in a row, it can be painted!" I can see it in a fun color like turquoise or pool blue and maybe the shelves a slightly different shade...could be used in craftroom for scrapbook paper storage,etc. OR white with grey stenciled design on sides and used for additional kitchen or dining room storage...have fun!!
  • Kelly Kelly on Jul 05, 2015
    Well as I see it as dated yes but also not real wood either. But it has wheels and shells and a door. I would wheel in into garage or shed or closet. And store your holiday decorations in it. Yup leave as is.
  • Hea1324089 Hea1324089 on Jul 06, 2015
    I think you could take door off add doors and put on wall....or if solid enough turn on side put legs and turn into a storage bench with doors...
  • Sandy Slade Sandy Slade on Jul 06, 2015
    Hi, Are you are gardener? Maybe if painted with an outdoor paint inside and out it could be an outdoor mini greenhouse for a couple of tender plants if you get a bad winter or even winds.
  • Cheryl Cheryl on Jul 11, 2015
    I painted mine a bone white & store my pretty fabrics in it in my sewing room. Also stenciled a damask pattern on the glass.
  • Donna Ragan Donna Ragan on Sep 07, 2015
    paint inside a bright color then remove mddle shelf and paint shelves contrasting color. outside could be painted with chalk paint
  • Donna Ragan Donna Ragan on Sep 07, 2015
    use as liquorcabinent. paint outsude with chalk paint and inside with complementary soft color.
  • William Cowan William Cowan on Oct 29, 2021

    U need one of those. Don't worry about cleaning it. Is it for sale?

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jan 02, 2022

    Displsy cabinet - if you chsnged the wooden shelves for glass. or Book Store or Jewellery cabinet. Turn on side Lift up on plinth abd use for Vinyl records?