Does anyone know how to get paint off of a tin roof?

by Samanthal53
We moved into an old 3 story house and when someone painted the dormers they dripped white paint all over the green roof and it looks awful. icon
This picture unfortunately does not show how bad this looks.
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  • Arc8243710 Arc8243710 on Jun 03, 2017

    Well, as an architect I guess that burning will be fine, but before that try some sort of paint removals.

  • M Phillips M Phillips on Jun 03, 2017

    If you can't remove them spray paint them with the cheap can of silver paint it'll look better and eventually it'll all wire off

  • William William on Jun 03, 2017

    I would use something stiff plastic and scrape off as much as possible. Then try cloths saturated with Goo Gone. Let them set to allow the paint to soften and scrape/wipe it off. WD 40 for any residue.

    • Cori Widen Cori Widen on Jun 04, 2017

      This should work! I'd try this before any of the more difficult methods.

  • Em Em on Jan 09, 2020

    I would try to match the color paint. It looks like it has a matte finish at this point. Touch up the spots and spray with a matte finish sealer, or paint straight down to the gutter on both sides with a paint that is as close as you can get. Bring home paint samples and lay them on the roof in the sunlight to get closest match. I have found that places that claim to do a "color match" using a computer are not very close in color.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jan 19, 2024

    Try to remove with a plastic scraper or metal on with a rag over blade so as not to scratch the metal. When high bits of paint is removed go in with white spirit and Art brush. When you have done what you can use art brushes and mix your own colour up to match roof and touch in the areas. Other than that, call in a Painter/Decorator to give you a hand.

  • Betsy Betsy on Jan 19, 2024

    Hello Samantha: This site will tell you exactly how: how to remove paint from tin roof - Visicom Video Search Results ( The sites below can be helpful, too. Just be careful.

  • Dee Dee on Jan 20, 2024

    I would get some Citrastrip or use Acetone to remove the paint. Hopefully you have some green paint to touch it up. You could also try a magic eraser. They work great on paint.