Asked on Aug 10, 2018

Has anyone used the "Beyond Paint" product?

Dana Sandifer
by Dana Sandifer

I am thinking about trying this product on my kitchen cabinets.

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  • William William on Aug 10, 2018

    No but I have read reviews. Usually takes three coats. Must be sealed or it will crack and chip. Some people will not buy again. others had to remove and paint the conventional way. Some liked it and had no bad experience.

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    • Dianna Gunterman Dianna Gunterman on Feb 22, 2021

      Also did not lay flat from the dining room and living room when you look at the cabinets on an angle they look puffy like a cloud not laying flat that's besides the gritty finish I put up to four layers on one cabinet wall only did two on the other there's no sense in putting more because it doesn't go away. I used the top coat sealer did not help much at all smooth it out the grittiness a bit just a bit did nothing for the non-alevolent effect. I would say stay as far away from this paint as possible was a lot of work for an unsatisfactory results. I like sanding and a primer would have been easier.

      lady on the phone at customer service was very nice but referred me to an email address and it's been like four days and no response except for one that was a little sarcastic about my several emails. Still no satisfaction from the company my cabinets are ruined.. I had hired two different handyman and both walked off the job and didn't want to deal with my not liking the grittiness and the puffy unlevellness said that they could not do anything it was the paint. Stay as far away from this paint as possible

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Aug 13, 2018

    No Prep Needed: Beyond Paint Review | In My Own Style


    Apr 19, 2017 - After reading a Beyond Paint review online I wanted to try the paint out for ... To prepare the cabinets for painting took longer to do then the ... that combines primer, finisher, and sealer together in one product. ... the same chalk paint but used it in different ways to get the look they ..... I sure do love your work! Frequently Asked Questions - Beyond Paint.


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  • Carol Armstrong Carol Armstrong on Aug 17, 2018

    I never heard of it but will look into it. Thank you.

  • Dianna Gunterman Dianna Gunterman on Feb 22, 2021

    Horrible took four coats and still would not lie flat looks like a puffy White cloud. Very gritty to the touch which I think will be hard to keep degrees. company ignored me for days when I was advised to email them. Definitely easier to do a light sanding of priming and a top coat then work with this paint. Very disappointed in customer service in dealing with this matter ruined my kitchen cabinets. From the living room or dining room on an angle it looks like a puffy cloud because it didn't lay flat. Still waiting for the company to do something about it. I would advise anyone from staying as far away from this product is possible. I sent an email requesting I remove my cabinet doors and sent them to the company to repair still have not heard back.

  • Mary Patricia Pataky Mary Patricia Pataky on Mar 24, 2024

    This is the best paint I have ever used!

    I have done my kitchen cabinets, kitchen island, my bathroom vanity and its countertop.

    the only thing I sealed was the counter top.

    only took a couple coats.

    yes it’s thick but it goes a long way and covers great.

    i will never use anything else

  • Gets great reviews, but found it chipped off at the tiniest bump.