Asked on Apr 04, 2017

What can I do about my sink? The water splashes everywhere!

by Sho17007983
I have a very shallow sink and when I turn the water on it splashes everywhere. Is there some kind of faucet that will help?
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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Apr 04, 2017

    Something you can do is look into the water pressure of the faucet, if you can regulate the faucet pressure and ease it up a bit then the direct hit will be less intense and less likely to splash. Good luck!

  • William William on Apr 04, 2017

    I agree with Hillela! Slowly turn the shut off to reduce the flow till the water doesn't splash.

  • Mary Mary on Apr 05, 2017

    the faucets now days have a screen in them so it aerates the water making it comes out softer

  • Seethebeauty Seethebeauty on Apr 28, 2017

    What a great opportunity for that sunken country sink you've been dreaming about! Not an option? Your utility company probably offers a program for free where they will come out and install a washer that allows less water to pour per minute, thus saving energy and why it is free. However, be prepared, less water pressure equals less water and it can be irritating if you are used to a more heavy water flow. Also, how about considering a faucet that doubles as a sprayer? I find sprayers more convenient in targeting the areas I intend to get wet.

  • Judy Freilicher Judy Freilicher on May 07, 2017

    It's called a flow restrictor. I think my husband bought one at our local Home Depot. Get the kind that just screws onto the end of your faucet -- easy peasy!