I have a large brass bathroom mirror that has rust on it.

by Cjp28117700
What can I cover it with to make it attractive again. It will need to be something that can be cut around many light fixtures. Mirror looks like a large makeup mirror. Mirror is set in tile and can't be removed.

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  • Clean the rust with CLR and an old toothbrush! Should fix you right up!

  • Bijous Bijous on Nov 20, 2017

    The mirror has a thin layer of copper and it's the steel underneath that's rusting. Use silver polish to clean up. You can get copper paint (it's got fine copper in the clear paint solution) at a good art store or order it on-line. Dab in the spot. Then use a brush on poly to cover entire copper. Good luck.

  • Jean Jean on Nov 20, 2017

    I would polish the rust out (automotive 'compound' or 'metal-glo' brand metal polish) (a fine emery board can be used if it's really bad)

    what to cover it with? since it's a damp environment, I would opt for spray paint - a light coat of a gold paint would hide the imperfections and protect the metal, more coats would be needed to change the color or do a decorative finish (I am always thinking of ways to get that verdigris-green into my decor, I love it)

  • Jo Anne Jo Anne on Nov 20, 2017

    Does anyone know how to repair the handle of a Model 1205 Electrolux vacuum?

  • You might be able to find a match for the brass finish if you can't get the rust out...look at Rub and Buff paint. You won't need to remove the mirror and it might just cover the damaged spots.

  • A toothbrush, WD-40, and a straw can be used to remove rust off mirror edges. You'll be able to remove as much rust as possible using it. In addition to sealing the mirror, the WD-40 will stop more rust from developing there.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Apr 03, 2024


  • Deb K Deb K on Apr 07, 2024

    Hello, you could paint it with a nice Rustoleum color. It's designed to paint metal and repel rust😊

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Apr 08, 2024

    You will have to clean away the rust before you paint. To do that, use CLR with a toothbrush. To paint, use Rustoleum or Krylon, both are excellent.