How can I get rid of poison ivy in my yard and on the fence line?'

Wish I knew
by Wish I knew
I've sprayed with something specific for p.i. and also Roundup, but the p.i. still keeps coming back.

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  • Gale Allen Jenness Gale Allen Jenness on Mar 08, 2018

    Round up is for narrow leaf plants, probably why it’s not killing your poison ivy? If it’s legal in your area get Cross bow, it’ll kill it and pretty much anything else with a broad leaf. If you can’t get it, then I’d look for an all vegetation killer that will pretty much kill everything it touches! So if you have anything near that area you don’t want to kill be very careful where you spray the all vegetation killer and you may consider covering any plants you want to live!

  • Geew Geew on Mar 08, 2018

    I have had it before, fortunately, I'm not allergic to it and can pull it up bare handed. Keep in mind since it's a vine, it can be pulled out. Then dig up the accessible roots. It will take about 3 times to fully get it all.

    As for those that are allergic, wear a long sleeve heavy shirt (denim, etc.), long pants, closed toe shoes and thick gardening gloves. Be careful not to get your face near it. Dispose of via trash bag. Do not burn the plant, toxins can be released air born. Wash your clothing a couple of times prior to re-wearing anything you had on separate of your regular laundry.

  • We do this every year on my girlfriends property in spring. Suit up, dig out what you can, cut to ground level and repeatedly drown in vinegar - we use agricultural strength vinegar. When dead, suit up again and dig out the rest and drown the area in more vinegar. Luckily throughout the years it has been less and less. Yay for us! Immediately take a shower after and wash your clothes with a bunch of baking soda and vinegar and you are good to go!

  • Leah Leah on Mar 08, 2018

    Careful If You Pull It. It Becomes Airborne. You Can get Off Clothes. Vineager And Salt At Roots When Ground Is Dry Kills Roots.mixand Pour.Boiling Water. My Tab Is deciding To Capitalise When It Wants To.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Mar 08, 2018

    If you use Roundup it goes into the water supply in the aquifers underground which is our drinking water, a very dangerous chemical compound.

    P I is hard to get rid of, you have to address the vines by digging/pulling them up. If you try burning it, it becomes air born and can enter your lungs.

    Your clothes have to be laundered immediately but not with other laundry.

    Shower fight away.

  • Les12259644 Les12259644 on Mar 08, 2018

    I used oven cleaner, I bought the cheep dollar store brand and sprayed it all over the plant to the ground.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 08, 2018

    cut it as far back as you can and you Brush B Gone By Ortho

  • Tymra Suter Tymra Suter on Mar 08, 2018

    Ground cover from home depot. We used it for 2 years haven't had much.

  • 71729639726 71729639726 on Mar 08, 2018

    Cut at base near the ground and pour hot grease on it. That should kill it.

  • Jana Jana on Mar 08, 2018

    I like the Lily Miller Brush killer spray. It has done a great job on my poison oak, blackberries and morning glory. I am in the Nothwest

  • Pamela Pamela on Mar 08, 2018

    I had a BIG patch at my yard's edge. So, dressed carefully (rain boots and opera-length dish gloves over my old sweats !) and carefully pulled up as many of the vines as I could. I put in the garbage bag AND labeled it to protect anyone dealing with it down the line. I sprayed remnants with "Round Up for Poison Ivy", then kept observing it. In a few weeks I needed to spray a few little stragglers that popped up again. The next Spring there was one more straggler which I sprayed, then no more found, but I will keep observing. Oh, and washed all my clothing immediately, soaped and hosed off the boots and dish gloves to get the plant oils off.

  • Kim Kim on Mar 09, 2018

    Cut at the ground and pour boiling water on it. Be generous with the hot water! Some may poke up through the ground and as soon as it does, hit it with boiling water. It’s cheap so it’s not expensive to spend a season attacking the PI and then it will be gone!

  • Deb K Deb K on Apr 07, 2024

    Hello, hope this helps you. Try cutting the vine about 6" above where it comes out of the ground. Put some full strength white vinegar on both of the cut ends, and if you want, spray the entire vine along the fence with undiluted white vinegar. Be careful not to get vinegar on plants you love. Retreat any areas where it looks like it may come back.