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Has anyone had any luck removing artillery fungus?
OceeB OceeB Answered on Nov 21, 2023

Please provide personal success stories on how to get rid of fungus in mulch... not links because I have googled and watched others and tried. My daughter had a load ... See more

Are flocked trees toxic to dogs?
Sarah Sarah Answered on Nov 21, 2023

Hi again! The other day I asked about flocked trees being messy because I was concerned about shedding, but then I saw someone else ask if flocked trees are toxic to ... See more

How to clean smoke smell out of pillows?
Maggie Maggie Answered on Nov 20, 2023

How do I wash pillows to remove the smell of smoke?

Options for replacing track lighting in kitchen?
Candace Gates Candace Gates Answered on Nov 15, 2023

Currently my kitchen does not have enough lighting. I have a centrally located track lighting, with three lamps. One can light above sink area. The light from the ran... See more

Are flocked trees toxic to cats?
Danielle Segev Danielle Segev Answered on Nov 20, 2023

Hi, I'm thinking of having a flocked Christmas tree this year, but I know that some tree flocking is poisonous to cats. How do I know what kind of flocking to use tha... See more

Are flocked Christmas trees messy?
Sarah Sarah Answered on Nov 20, 2023

I've seen a lot of great ways to do DIY flocking on your Christmas tree to give it a new look for Christmas, but I'm worried about the mess. What is the least messy w... See more

Why do I have sand in my bathtub?
Danielle Segev Danielle Segev Answered on May 08, 2023

I’m wondering if it’s just a clog of beach sand that keeps coming up or a bigger plumbing issue. I don’t want this to reoccur, so any information on why this ha... See more

Our house is shifting… I need help!
Rachelle Morris Rachelle Morris Answered on Aug 08, 2014

This is our front door. This started almost a year ago. We noticed it starting. I painted and redid everything and then this started. You can see (hopefully) that the... See more

How to remove ink from patent leather purse?
Ashley Ashley Answered on Nov 19, 2023

My pink patent leather designer handbag has a ball point ink mark I can't remove. It also has an ink transfer on it.

Repairing Hollow Core Door
Joel Williams Joel Williams Answered on Nov 19, 2023

Daughter kicked a hole in this wood-colored hollow core door. Would wood-putty work to end dad's tantrum? Any suggestions would be appreciated

I need some sort of wall behind my kitchen sink to deal with splashes
Jennifer Jennifer Answered on Nov 18, 2023

I have no "wall" directly behind my kitchen sink. As a result, when the water is running and I've got the sponge or some other item in my hand directly under the runn... See more

How to remove wooden decals from antique furniture ?
Kbodaustin Kbodaustin Answered on Nov 18, 2023

Restoring a vintage radio cabinet from 1929. The previous owner(s) glued on cheap wooden decals to cover the knob holes. The two small decals are purely "decorative",... See more

How do I make my gas wall heater look more like a fireplace?
Katye Katye Answered on Nov 17, 2023

My gas wall heater is soooo ugly. I would like to do something to make it look more like a fireplace and remain functional as it is the only heat in that space

Front loading washing machine- why am I get soap suds after wash?
Connie Connie Answered on Nov 17, 2023

I get soap suds when it's finished & only use a tbsp of soap?

Do you recommend painting the inside of a fence?
EVERSOBLESSED65 EVERSOBLESSED65 Answered on Nov 16, 2023

I have a small patio and think about painting my fence on the inside so I can put some colorful decor up. Is this a good idea?

How to make candy decorations for Christmas?
Sarah Sarah Answered on Nov 16, 2023

I have started preparing for Christmas and this year I've decided to decorate my home with a candy theme.I was wondering if any of you creative folks could share your... See more

How to mix Dawn and vinegar to clean tub?
Bernetta Bernetta Answered on Nov 16, 2023

Instructions for mixing dawn and vinegar to clean bathtub

Putting a barn door in a mobile home
Jeannie Jeannie Answered on Nov 16, 2023

I have a 1977 mobile home that I want to hang a sliding barn door? Does anyone know if this can be done??? Thanks

How can I get dry erase marker off of cabinets?
Carolyn Chambers Carolyn Chambers Answered on Nov 16, 2023

I wrote on cabinets with dry erase marker a couple of years ago. Now I need it off because I'm no longer going to be in that particular room. Thanks.

How can I clean & make my Bamboo Wood Floors look clean & shine again
TERRI CABLING TERRI CABLING Answered on Nov 16, 2023

I have cleaned my Bamboo floors with EVERYTHING & they just look dirty & no shine . I used Bono cleaner , Bono Shine ~ Vinegar & water & dry immediately ? Maybe I jus... See more

How to decoratively cover a large cement stoop?
D D Answered on Nov 16, 2023

When the house was built, the stoop was poured for entering the front door. We are not going to replace it, just want make it more decorative. I thought of painting i... See more

How would I go about painting a kids plastic rocking horse
Kathleen Kathleen Answered on Nov 15, 2023

I would like to turn a child's heavy plastic rocking horse to look like a carousel horse, biggest concern is what kind of prep and paint to usethanks Kathy

How to kill poison ivy but not kill English Ivy?
Becky Rowland Becky Rowland Answered on Nov 15, 2023

I have English ivy around the base of my tree. Recently found poison ivy growing in with the English Ivy. I want to get rid of poison ivy but not kill out the Englis... See more

Food Safe Easy DIY Kintsugi Repair on Ceramic Bowl?
Lauren Weitz Lauren Weitz Answered on Nov 15, 2023

Can you do an easy, DIY Food Grade Safe Kintsugi repair on a ceramic bowl?

Can an artificial Christmas tree be “flocked”?
Vmr15755604 Vmr15755604 Answered on Nov 15, 2023

I wanted to breath new life into my 15 year old articial Christmas tree. Instead of replacing it ,I was curious if flocking or spray snow would adhere to the branche... See more

Marigolds growing! Should I pinch the buds?
Dianne King Dianne King Answered on Nov 15, 2023

My marigold plants are growing. I heard that pinching the buds until Autumn will allow them to grow without killing the plant. Is this true?