Asked on Nov 25, 2015

Stubborn urine smell in carpet and hardwood floor area.

Julie Dever
by Julie Dever
Having an old, arthritic dog in the house can be a challenge if she urinates during the night. We have shampooed, rinsed, shampooed, rinsed and repeated many times. Used a product that claims to be a " miracle" according to directions three times...still the lingering odor. Fur baby no longer suffering....but we are. Can't afford to replace the floorings. Help?
Eau de chien solution?
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  • Shari Shari on Nov 25, 2015
    We've been cat and dog owners for 40 years so I have tried a lot of different things, including commercial products and homemade concoctions containing various things like white vinegar, baking soda, Listerine, etc., and have only had marginal success removing most pet accident odors. About a year ago, I read about a product that was getting pretty good reviews so I decided to try it because it seemed to have potential. It's called Anti-Icky Poo. There are 3 products in their line that work in conjunction with each other for treating pet accidents and when I first started reading about it I wondered why it was necessary to buy the pre-treatment solution ("P-Bath") and not just the main solution. Then I read if you have already tried to treat the affected area(s) with other products (I had) , you need to first remove the residue other products leave behind. They say that other products will encapsulate the odor and prevent the enzymes in the main Anti-Icky-Poo formula that destroy the cause of the smell to reach the area where the odor is. Then the spot and stain remover is designed to help remove stains without affecting Anti-Icky-Poo's odor removers. From all the information I read, I decided I probably should have all 3 products: the pre-treatment, the main Anti-Icky-Poo formula, and the spot remover. Prices vary so it pays to shop around. I've bought it twice; once from eBay and once from Amazon. I had some cat urine stains on my carpet that I had tried the various commercial and homemade products on with ZERO success. Cat urine is the absolute worst! Once my first order of the Anti Icky Poo products arrived, I treated the areas with the Pre-Treatment step and then the Anti-Icky Poo. In addition to LIBERALLY treating (almost soaking) the top surface of the carpet, I used a large needle and syringe from Tractor Supply to inject the liquid down into the carpet pad. The Anti-Icky Poo company does sell a needle and syringe for this purpose but it is ridiculously expensive. If you don't have a Tractor Supply near you, the pet stores may carry them or your vet might give you one, or sell you one at a nominal charge, probably FAR less than what you'll pay for one with the Anti Icky Poo logo on it. Be forewarned, this will not work with just one application, unfortunately. I had to treat each spot multiple times over the period of about a month or six weeks but with each treatment, I could smell the cat urine less and less. Ultimately, it did take care of about 98% of the odor. I can only smell it ever-so-slightly if I put my nose right down to the carpet and sniff hard. I have no doubt if I pulled the carpet and padding back and treated the padding and concrete sub-floor more thoroughly, I could probably get rid of the remaining smell but since the cat has not tried to return to those spots and, most importantly, I can't smell cat urine when I walk in the room, I'm calling the treatment "good enough" and a success. Since I think cat urine is far more offensive and persistent than dog urine odor, I believe Anti Icky Poo should work well for you but I need to stress the main key is injecting it down into the carpet padding and more than one treatment, with time in between to allow the enzymes to *eat* the odor. If you decide to try it, I would encourage you to spend the extra money to get the"P-Bath" pre-treatment solution (in addition to the Anti Icky Poo enzyme solution) since you have treated the spots with other products and shampooed multiple times. I was NOT impressed with the Anti Icky Poo spot remover so I would not recommend buying that. I think the Woolite Oxy Pet spot remover I've been using for years does a far better job of removing surface stains than the Anti Icky Poo spot remover. If you want to read more on Anti Icky Poo, this website has some excellent info on the different types of odors Anti Icky Poo takes care of. (See left column at this link)
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 25, 2015
    Have you tried natures miracle. It worked wonders for me. You can find this in all pets stores.
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    • I should have put my comment in down below and not piggy back on yours. My humble apology! I too have had much experience w/pee and baking soda alone will not get the odor out. great if it works for you. Maybe you are catching it before it has a chance to get down into the padding.
  • Shirley Shirley on Nov 25, 2015
    Ditto for Natures Miracle....worked for us as well...
  • Carole Carole on Nov 25, 2015
    We use Urine Free. If you cannot find it in the stores try online. You might be able to order it online. It is for dog pee specifically and supposed to destroy the smell and kill the enzymes that make the smell linger.
  • Jenni Jenni on Nov 25, 2015
    I use white vinegar. Heloise's daughter suggested using a syringe to fill with something that smells good and inject it into your carpet. lol
  • Jenni Jenni on Nov 25, 2015
    I rub it in with used fabric softener sheets and a rag. Circular motions.
  • Donald Donald on Nov 26, 2015
    i have heard to use vinegar on carpeting, clean it with a carpet cleaner using a pet odor formula, after finishing cleaning, you want to rinse it, fill tank with a cup of vinegar and the rest of the way with hot water, set you cleaning setting to water only and rinse, just like you clean, It seams to help. Got that tip from Heloise from Better Homes and Garden.
  • Tammy Robertson Tammy Robertson on Nov 26, 2015
    Ive used white vinegar also for dog and cat urine on my carpet and floors and it worked well. You can add iinto your carpet cleaner with really hot water only also to clean the whole carpet .
  • I've used 1 part listening and 2 parts water. Spray it in and the odor is gone.
  • Brenda Albright Brenda Albright on Nov 26, 2015
    There is a product called DooDooVooDoo which you can purchase online. Yiu can buy a bottle of the concentrate and it makes many many bottles of the spray. It was created by a vet her in Indy and Inhave used it for years. It truly is a miracle product. It works wonders Follow directions closely. All natural product. I recently had an elderly kitty who urinated on my sofa. After using this product you can't tell it evere happened. It works on any surface including wood, concrete, fabric.
  • Michelle Shill Michelle Shill on Nov 26, 2015
    Vinegar is good. Though I would recommend using Stanley steamer myself, if it is a large area. Only because you may end up spreading it under the padding and creating a bigger problem. They use an enzyme, and I believe they guarantee that it will get rid of the odor.
  • Ahmeans Ahmeans on Nov 26, 2015
    We have the same problem (except badly trained dogs who won't go outside if its raining) and I recently came across a vinegar and baking soda method. Soak the stain in vinegar and then sprinkle with baking soda and cover for 1-2 days. Then vacuum up. The test patches I did seem to work well and both would help with the odor issue as well.
  • Jem Jem on Nov 26, 2015
    The vinegar & water is amazing. Leave a large towel/sheet on the area til its dry. Repeat. It will take the odour away!
  • Renata Renata on Nov 26, 2015
    Awww , so sad. I too have a poor baby like this so totally understand. What I do is put in a gallon jug, 15 oz hydrogen peroxide, 2 tbs. baking soda, 1 long squirt of dawn dishwashing soap. and fill with water. Shake about 2 minutes , make sure it foams. put in a spray bottle and spray generously over area, let dry completely . U should have a white residue when dry. Then just vacuum. I have used this on cat urine also when strays decided to hibernate in my boat for the winter. I was NOT happy, lol. Good luck.
  • Jackie Jackie on Nov 27, 2015
    have you tried sprinkling baking soda on dry carpet then vacumming? I keep all pet odors to a minimum doing this. My family teases me I went baking soda nuts.
  • Sharon Sharon on Nov 27, 2015
    Look into farm grade hydrogen peroxide. Read up on the proper usage etc. It can be flamable so proper usage and care must be taken. I used it on concrete floors. Then pour baking soda on the floor. Waited a day. Vacuumed up. Smell gone.
  • Eliminating mold and mildew with chemicals available in the market is not always advisable. I would recommend you to use natural remedies for fighting off the nasty problem if you don't want to call in an expert professional. Wash the area with warm water and soap. Apply disinfectants, including commercial anti-mold products, vinegar, tea-tree oil,or grapefruit seed extract – according to directions. Allow the area to airdry. This way you can get rid from bad smell .
  • Lynda Dexter Lynda Dexter on Nov 27, 2015
    I had the same problem and I tried every thing I could find on Pinterest nothing worked till I found one that said to spray the area with a mix of water and Listerine, mix 2parts water 1 part Listerine. I was amazed. The smell was gone as soon as the solution dried.
  • Leslie Leslie on Nov 27, 2015
    Vinegar works
  • Mary Take Massieon Mary Take Massieon on Nov 28, 2015
    I just had my beloved Blake pass away and he too had "special needs". Vinegar water worked the best. I had to soak the area with 50-50 vinegar and water. And then give it a few minutes and come back in with the rug shampooer to remove all the moister .Make sure to test check in an hidden area first, you don't want to discolor your carpet. I also made "pads" where he slept , and made enough to have some in the washer and some on the floor. I made these by taking inexpensive old towels and sewing them to cheap plastic table clothes.
  • Jan Munroe Jan Munroe on Nov 28, 2015
    There is a new product out, Urine Out by Chorox. I bought it as a commercial cleaning store but see where Home Depot or Lowe's have it. I shampoo and then spray this on. It will even take old spots out and elimates the odor. It has a fresh clean smell. Sometimes it takes a couple of applications. I have tried all the formulas both home and commercial over the years. This stuff is great.
  • Lee Govan Lee Govan on Nov 29, 2015
    when carpet is dry, sprinkle over bicarbonate of soda generously. If the area gets direct sunlight even better. Leave on for around 20 minutes and vacuum off. As Mary said 50/50 white vinegar and water if the bicarb hasn't removed all the scent
  • Welchesgirl Welchesgirl on Nov 29, 2015
    natures miracle works great. They make one for floors too. Takes smells out of carpet in cars also
  • Linda O'Neal Linda O'Neal on Nov 30, 2015
    If you pull the carpet and pad, pour plain, old table salt on the wood floor or subfloor. Let it for a day or two. The salt will draw any moisture as well as any lingering smell. For stubborn spots, sweep up the used salt and repeat. It worked for me!
    • Grandmasue10 Grandmasue10 on Dec 01, 2015
      @Linda O'Neal Yep, the urine soaks down to the floor under the carpet, and one just has to get at the source of the odor. This was a large dog and I'm sure this is the case. My dog is tiny, and I still have problems. Blotting as quickly as you can helps. I use boiling water, peroxide and baking soda. After it dries I use vinegar in the shampoo part of my floor cleaner.
  • Steffony Steffony on Nov 30, 2015
    Sprinkle baking soda & then spray vinegar on it. It will bubble out. Dab with towel. Repeat if needed. Vac when dry. For hardwood too, add lemon extract for smell. Sorry for your loss. My Maui is 15. I can't imagine my days without her. Good luck
  • UpState UpState on Nov 30, 2015
    Many farmers have the same problem with cattle and horse urine in the barn. They use "Horse Strong" or something like that. Saw it at a local fair years ago. Hopefully, some farmers will chime-in to help.
    • Shari Shari on Dec 01, 2015
      @UpState We have a horse farm. The best defense against urine odor in stalls is thorough and frequent cleaning habits and this alone will generally keep the majority of urine (or manure) odors at bay. However, my daughter has a young stallion who urinates a lot (drinks a lot while he plays in his automatic waterer) and she has used a product called Stall Dry. It is sprinkled on the "pee spot" where it stays in the stall and mixes with the bedding. It essentially sucks up excess urine like clumping kitty litter does. Since it is a granular product, it is not something you would want to put down on your carpets or floors.
  • UpState UpState on Dec 01, 2015
    But it sounds good ! The lady could crush up the Stall Dry to almost a powder consistancy (like an old Pharmacist used to crush up medications) and put it on the wet spot; rub it in pretty well; wait for whatever time it recommends; then vacuum it up ! Sounds like an excellent solution for this woman ! Does your daughter know of "Horse Strong" or whatever it was called ?
    • Shari Shari on Dec 01, 2015
      @UpState No, never heard of it. I even googled it and couldn't find anything by that name, or even a similar name.
  • Maggierose Maggierose on Dec 01, 2015
    Hi Julie, Had the same problem and after trying every trick in the book including professional cleaning I have come to the conclusion I will just have to replace the carpet, which is not in the budget yet. I did find a deodorizing thingy at Home Depot. It is a Honeywell air freshener, cost about $35 and it does make the smell go away while it is running. I agree, the urine has gone through the carpet and padding into the sub floor so it can't be treated without pulling up the carpet which is more than I can handle myself. In the meantime I would recommend the Honeywell.
  • Julie Dever Julie Dever on Dec 03, 2015
    After doing just about everything anyone suggested, I still have the problem. Will just have to replace the carpet, pad and re-treat the sub-floor, or even replace it. Disappointed that the "special" water repellent pad I paid extra for, did not really help. Until then, I am using a special jar candle scented "pet odors begone" but only a temporary help!
  • Jenni Jenni on Dec 03, 2015
    I hope you got rid of the odor. Kilz makes a paint (and other products) that will seal off a smell or a stain. They make other products too. Stop in at WalMart and see what they have or even Home Depot. I hope they make something that will help. Pet urine is the pits.
  • Ladydi_1021 Ladydi_1021 on Apr 18, 2016
    Equally quantities of hydrogen peroxide and Dawn (blue only) scrub with hard Brush. You couldn't try the machine but add vinegar to the base to kill the bubbles. Then I would rinse with 50/50 vinegar/water. The vinegar breaks down the urine smell. Odoban from Samsclub works well. Use belly bands on the dogs. From eBay, reasonable considering all the trauma their urine. causes. For girls and boys
  • Gaye Johnson-Cowell Gaye Johnson-Cowell on Oct 02, 2016
    Products containing enzymes will help with the carpet and padding. Find a handyman to pull up the carpet and padding. After scrubbing the subfloor and drying thoroughly, apply shellac. Several coats are needed. Then re-install padding and carpet.
  • Debbie Gartner Debbie Gartner on Jan 18, 2017

    Yes, as others have mentioned, most likely the urine has soaked through the carpet and into the carpet padding (or maybe even below). The only way to solve that is to rip up the carpet and remove and replace the carpet cushion. It's also possible that it has seaped below that. If it's soaked to hardwood or plywood, the best option is to replace the pieces/that area. the 2nd best is to use something like kilz to mask the odor.

    Also, be aware that if you have hardwood underneath, it's less expensive to refinish the existing wood vs recarpet.

    You may find these articles helpful.

  • Dfm Dfm on Jan 21, 2017

    odo ban from a pet supply company works really well, even on old pet stains. when i bought my current house- the renters b/4 me had let their dog do his business just about every where. the carpets got a shampooing with this product- no more allergy flairs- cats are no problem it's the dogs i'm allergic to....

  • Debbie Gartner Debbie Gartner on Apr 13, 2017

    The smell is lingering because it's BELOW the carpet (most likely in the carpet pad). The only way to solve it is to remove the carpet and replace the carpet cushion. (Hopefully is has not gone through the cushion and into the subfloor beneath. If so, you may need to replace a plywood board or pieces of hardwood. If you have concrete beneath and it's soaked through, that's a more difficult process as you'll need to treat/seal floor.