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How to remove 3 brick shelves above the fireplace
Evan Evan Answered 3 days ago

I have a fireplace with 3 shelves that stick out. We plan on mounting our tv above the gas fireplace, but in order to do this we need to remove the 3 built in brick s... See more

How can I make this hidden door more hidden and less hideous?
Kristy Williams Tillman Kristy Williams Tillman Answered 3 days ago

I have a hidden door though it doesn't look so hidden at the moment and I like the appeal of a hidden door. We do need to use the door, but not often. This is in a b... See more

Decorating around this tiny door?!
Taylor Mathis Taylor Mathis Answered 3 days ago

This is in our master bedroom. As of now we have nothing there because we are confused about what to do. We can't cover it up completely because we have made the room... See more

How do I get glass beads to stick in cement?
Debra Cunningham Debra Cunningham Answered 3 days ago

I've seen other people who mix glass beads into cement giving it a jeweled look. It seems when I try to do this, thecement dries and the beads pop out despite having ... See more

How do I clean a rusty bathtub?
Kathy Powers Kathy Powers Answered 3 days ago

There are several metallic stains and other stains that bleach and lime remover don't remove. Part of the ceramic coat is gone! Any help, please. I'm sure my landlord... See more

How to kill flies with out harming my indoor rabbits.
Nicky Dolman Nicky Dolman Answered 3 days ago

I have 50 bunnies that live indoors. They all live in hutches. They are cleaned out religiously 2 times a week in the winter and everyday in the summer. Flies can be... See more

How do I take off hard water from my tub?
Amy Burlingame Amy Burlingame Answered 3 days ago

Here’s my issue I have been living in the same apartment building for 18 years and I have a tub that deals with hard water on a daily basis. What is the best way fo... See more

Vinyl plank flooring vs pergo (laminate)
Lynn Turnbull Lynn Turnbull Answered 4 days ago

I currently have stinky dirty carpeting in my living room and I want to replace it with a durable flooring that can stand up to dogs and kids.

GNATS - How to get rid of them?
Gina Garbo Gina Garbo Answered 4 days ago

Somehow my house and garden got tiny gnats that killed my fuchsia plant and fly everywhere. I have tried ALL the Web recommendations - soap and oil dishes, sand in th... See more

How do I create seasonal decorations for a painted family tree?
Debbie Tweeten Debbie Tweeten Answered 6 days ago

My daughter painted a large tree (no leaves) on a wall in our entryway. For Thanksgiving we had family members write on fall colored leaves thankful notes. I'd like ... See more

Can I use contact paper to cover a tiled bathroom?
Jan10146146 Jan10146146 Answered 6 days ago

Hi, I'll be renting an apartment in a few weeks that has pink tile around a small area of the wall as you can see in the pics. I was thinking of using contact paper ... See more

How can I use this empty space in my bathroom?
Renee' Renee' Answered 6 days ago

I have this empty space in my bathroom. Originally it was for a built-in laundry hamper. Please provide suggestions on how or what to do with this space?

How an I update this knotty pine wall without painting it?
Dee B Dee B Answered 6 days ago

I’m tired of looking at my “70’s” wall but I like the different textures of wood and brick. I’m going to white wash the brick but unsure if I should stain t... See more

How can I organize a semi truck to maximize storage?
Ann Plummer Ann Plummer Answered on Nov 21, 2023

My husband and I drive truck and I'm trying to find a way to organize our truck to make more space. Any ideas

Why does my oven smell when turned on?
Emma Marks Emma Marks Answered on Oct 21, 2023

Hi all,Lately, my oven emits an unpleasant smell whenever I turn it on. The kitchen then smells and the foul odor lingers, it's very frustrating.I'm sure I'm not alon... See more

I already have ants in my kitchen and it's only March. Is there a
Juli Juli Answered 7 days ago

I already have ants in my kitchen and it's already March. Is there a safe home remedy to get rid of carpenter ants?

Can I use brown sugar in the Borax Ant Killer solution?
Debbie Debbie Answered 7 days ago

I only have brown sugar on hand and Stevia. Can I sub one of these for confectioners sugar to get rid of ants?

Any tips for getting rid of ants?
Linda Linda Answered 7 days ago

Help, my sunroom has been invaded with small, not tiny, black ants. I don't want to put out chemical ant killer products because of our little Shih Tzu. Any home reme... See more

How can I get rid of Sugar ants?
Kalin Al Kalin Al Answered 7 days ago

Now that the weather is getting warm I am seening small sugar ants coming in the house through the electrical outlets, I have pets in the house so can't use spray. An... See more

What can I do about ants under enclosed front porch?
Rita Noonan Rita Noonan Answered 7 days ago

What can I use as Ant killer under an enclosed front cement front porch?

How do you get rid of ants in your mulch?
Becki armington Becki armington Answered 7 days ago

I have a zillion ants in my mulch. When I put large potted flowers on top of the mulch they are all over my flower plants. Eventually they make their way into the hou... See more

How do you get rid of ants when they are behind your kitchen cabinets?
Fla24149102 Fla24149102 Answered 7 days ago

I spray and that keeps them at bay, but I know they are still in there...eating away, populating and doing whatever little ants do because they occasionally come out ... See more