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22 ways to decorate plant pots?

22 ways to decorate pots

How to treat ringworm?

could I use Tea Tree oil as a treatment for ringworm on my dog

Help!! pests in my veggie garden?

I live in NC and recently I noticed that my radish leaves are being bitten. Any natural remedies that I use? Thanks in advance.
q help pests in my veggie garden

How can I get rid of a ring on my wood table?

How can I get rid of a ring on my wood table caused by hot condensation? The steam made a circle of discolored wood.

Handyman hung microwave on drywall?

Handyman came out and hung over the range microwave on drywall only. The wall behind is concrete. Is this an issue? Almost everything I read suggests it needs to be... See more
q handyman hung microwave on drywall

What paint to use?

Ive got an old extra large lifesaver ring and i want to bring it back to neatly new but i dont know what types of red and white paint to use as i think it's made of a... See more

How to refurbish night stands

I purchased 2 night stands from Overstock Outlet. They are brown and I want to make them gray to match my dresser. What is the easist way to do this? Do I have to... See more

Night stand with dried formula milk spots

This has several spots on the nightstand on it. It matches my bedroom suit. I have tried several things to get it off. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
q night stand with dried formula milk spots

Repurpose stained glass window?

How do I repurpose a large stained glass window?

How do I keep the shepherd's hook from falling over?

When the ground is wet the weight of the hanging plant pulls the shepherd's hook down

How to grow hostas ?

What are some tricks to do to get hostas to grow beautifully?

How do I find matching pieces to this dresser?

I have a dresser and armoire made by Drexel the numbers on the back of dresser say 704-136-88 under that says 11/68.I have been wanting to try to find more pieces and... See more
q old drexel furniture piece how do i find a name for it

How do I make tuscan red a deeper colour and not so purpley?

I have the Plaid folk art chalk paint in tuscan red and find it to be too much of a purple color. I would like more of a burgundy color. Is there anything I can do to... See more

Grassy flower bed?

How do you get grass thats grown in your flower beds out?

How do I clean a garage floor that is full of old oil stains??

I have lived in this apartment about 12 years and have had a couple of cars that leaked oil, not to mention the oil from the previous renters. Is there anything that... See more

My bed frame broke so my slacks aren't steady is it time I get another

My wood frame broke that holds my bed slats what to do .I love my bed but it might be time to get another bed

Can this camp chair be repaired?

My camp chairs have dry rotted. Anyone have a how-to replace the seating please? I have some canvas fabric I could use, but not sure if replacement is possible.
q how to reupholster a camp chair, home maintenance repairs, outdoor furniture

How to restore/clean wooden beams?

After removing dropped ceiling on small outside deck, the wood beams supporting thepeaked roof are beautiful but in need of cleaning in order to leave them exposed.... See more

How to clean a mes?

How to clean a messy closet