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Frame a mirror

Frame a mirror

What is the correct glue to use to adhere wood to glass?

What can I use to glue wooden letters to a glass jar/bottle

How can I make over the front of my house to increase curb appeal?

I can’t think of how to upgrade the front of house to increase curb appeal. The yard is awful this time of year but the house itself needs something. Any ideas?
q curb appeal

How to hang an oversized heavy wreath on a glass storm door?

The door won’t close with the wreath hanger. I’ve tried the magnet from Hobby Lobby, the Wreath Suction Cup from Home Depot and it won’t hold it up.

How to make Christmas center pieces?

How do I make Christmas center pieces?

How to make room deodorizer with witch hazel?

Someone was telling me that they learn to do that in here but I can't remember how they said to do it

How late planting clover seeds??

How late can I plant clover seeds in Tennessee?

What is the best method for laying wood on top of concrete?

So I am planning on placing wood on top of concrete and I just wanted to know the best method to do that. I was thinking of laying some moisture resistant underlay to... See more

How do I scrub grime and mildew out of a tub?

How to scrub grime and mildew from tub and make it shine?

What would cause a sudden change in my kitchen water pressure?

I’ve always had great water pressure in kitchen, now it is terrible!!! Any ideas why, or what to do?

How do I clean my oven?

I need help with DIY cleaning inside my oven before holiday is near.

How do I keep decorative light covers on a new string of lights?

I need help finding a way to keep decorative light covers on a new string of lights.

How can I build slide-out shelving for my pantry?

Looking to diy sliding pantry shelves in a cabinet thats underused due to these dimensionsWidth 15"Depth 27"Height 75"I currently have 3 cabinet doorsThe cost of... See more

How can I paint an indoor/outdoor carpet?

It is like an indoor outdoor carpet, very smooth surface.

What causes concrete waterproofing cracks?

What is the reason or cause of concrete waterproofing cracks?