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How Do I Clean Out Downspout Drainage Pipe Without A Snake?
Jeff C Jeff C Answered 3 days ago

While unclogging some of my gutters the other day which I'm thankful I did because water was backing up and freezing onto the wall of the house, I discovered that at ... See more

Stains under the glass of a smooth top stove
Mary Insana Mary Insana Answered 3 days ago

My smooth glass top electric stove is VERY stained. The problem is, the stains look like they may be under the glass. I have used every imaginable product and combina... See more

Question about Shelf pins
Christine Christine Answered 3 days ago

So I have old cabinets, and I cannot find shelf pins that fit perfectly. I've only been able to find pins that are too large or too small. Is there a way I can rig th... See more

30 year old traditional rice carved bedroom set - needs an update
Sharon smtih Sharon smtih Answered 3 days ago

I have a king size 4 poster rice carved bed with the accompanying pieces - high boy, dresser, bedside tables,etc. I am SO READY for a change - if I had the money I w... See more

I would love to redo my bedroom suite but it is 1960's Mediterranean
Sunnybrook Sunnybrook Answered 3 days ago

Wow you did a lovely job on this French Provincial dresser. I have an old pecan finish bedroom suite that I have wanted to replace for many many years. The problem of... See more

Foam inserts
Sheila Olivas Sheila Olivas Answered 3 days ago

Can anyone recommend a company that sells foam, that I can cut to desired width/length, to replace worn out foam in seat cushions?

I want a tile backsplash. How do I remove the laminate counter one?
Ejjemom0612 Ejjemom0612 Answered 3 days ago

I have a laminate counter with the separate piece backsplash installed along the back edge. Can I keep the countertop, which is in great condition, and just remove th... See more

Homemade Pill Organizer
Lin R Lin R Answered 3 days ago

Can any of you crafty people out there think of a way to make a non-toxic and nice looking pill box holder? I need something with compartments large enough to put al... See more

Basement ceiling cover-up
Stephanie Stephanie Answered 3 days ago

We live in a rented duplex, so we can't really do permanent upgrades. However, we would like to do something with the basement "ceiling". Actually there is no ceiling... See more

Tile backsplash when there is existing countertop backsplash

We are thinking about how to add a backsplash to our kitchen. Unfortunately when we had our countertops installed we ordered a small backsplash that comes part way up... See more

Travel trailer remodel- how do I change the bunk beds in to a pantry?
Melissa Melissa Answered 3 days ago

I need some ideas on how to remove the bunk beds from my travel trailer and turn that space into a pantry. I have attached some photos of the space.

How to fix Ugly and Cracked front porch tiles in the middle of bricks?
Nayshunda O Burke Nayshunda O Burke Answered 3 days ago

Can I use drywall puddy to fill cracks, sand and then use floor tile paint to upcycle this area? Anyone have more ideas. Please and thanks.Never resolved, summer appr... See more

How can I fix peeling laminate floor tiles?
P P Answered 3 days ago

I have off white laminate floor tiles that over the last few months have really started bubbling and peeling on top. You know, the wax like protective coating. Is the... See more

Can I fix laminate flooring that has chipped and peeled on the top?
Becky Severts Shelton Becky Severts Shelton Answered 3 days ago

We have laminate flooring throughout the main living areas and under the desk where your feet go there is a spot that started flaking and has now peeled at the top. I... See more

Ugly tile floors
Michelle Dodson Michelle Dodson Answered 3 days ago

Does anyone have advice on the best way to clean tile floors? I mop them (obviously) but they just don't seem to get really clean. I was also thinking of waxing or ... See more

How can I stop a peeling leather couch from shedding?
Suzanne Suzanne Answered 4 days ago

I have a leather electric recliner couch that the leather is peeling on. I know the leather can not be fixed. But, it there a way to adhere the peeling leather to ... See more

How to remove a bunk bed from a travel trailer?
Sara Saspa Sara Saspa Answered 4 days ago

Hello! We just bought a Fleetwood Mallard and in the rear is a full bed then above it is a cabnet and a bunk bed. We are really new at this so honestly I have no idea... See more

Can I Convert This Camper to an Enclosed Trailer??
Nate Nate Answered 4 days ago

I was looking at taking an old camper and converting it into a enclosed trailer (gutting it and creating rear door). I can't find it anywhere so what do you guys thin... See more

How do I change the color of a Venetian plaster wall?
Jeff Jeff Answered 4 days ago

Want to change color of walls from baby blue to a grey. They are all waxed and polished. I have to assume that I need to remove the wax. Will mineral spirits do this?... See more

How to remove the backsplash when part of the countertop?
Nancy Nichols Smith Nancy Nichols Smith Answered 5 days ago

My countertops and backsplash are all one piece, and at the wall it is curved, not squared. I want to redo the area of the counter to cabinet, and do a different ref... See more

How to make ugly bedroom type ceiling lights look updated?
Kar22366255 Kar22366255 Answered 5 days ago

I live in a rental and can't change the lights but want to make the ceiling light look high end. It is a bedroom light but it is actually over my dining table.

How to clean smoke smell out of pillows?
Maggie Maggie Answered 5 days ago

How do I wash pillows to remove the smell of smoke?

How to install a door at the top of our stairs?
Luci Luci Answered 5 days ago

This is the top of the stairs where I want to add a door. The problem is no wall for a door frame, any ideas out there for DIY??! Thanks!

Question about my toilet that has 2 holes on each side for bolts...
Jocelyn Normington Jocelyn Normington Answered 5 days ago

The toilet in my bathroom has 2 holes on each side for floor bolts. If I buy a toilet with one hole on each side is this going to work with the flange that is underne... See more

Large storm drain in backyard?
Andrew Andrew Answered 5 days ago

I am buying a new construction home and found a giant storm drain in the backyard. I am looking for solutions to hide it or ideas of what can be done. I never imagi... See more

I have ruined my copper sink! Please help!
Redheadcandecorate.com Redheadcandecorate.com Answered 6 days ago

I'm hoping to save my copper sink, but I am afraid I have totally ruined it. I need some suggestions on how to save it! What can I spray it with, or where can I fin... See more

Question about this tractor
Leona Clemens Leona Clemens Answered 6 days ago

Year and model of tractor- Trying to find out the year of my tractor, need parts. Says Ford on fender, has Conn-6015 G on the motor. Other numbers DIF 310835, And 3G... See more

Pella sliding glass door blind repair
Stacey Stacey Answered 6 days ago

How can I fix my 18 year old Pella sliding glass door. The mechanism to open and close the built in blinds broke. How can I fix this? This piece broke