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Why does my frost-free fridge frost up across the back in the bottom?

I have a french door refrig side by side doors with a large bottom freezer drawer. What would cause frost to gather across the back of the freezer? I see it when I... See more

How should I add trim to this?

I put tongue and groove on studs for the backsplash so it's not attached directly to the wall. To prevent damage should I want to remove it down the road.There is... See more
q how should i add trim to this

What can I do with a wide open walkway?

we converted the 2nd fl. Of the barn attached to our home into our bedroom. We made a loft for our bed n now the walkway is wide...a couple of ideas were to put... See more

How do I make winter kid clothing?

Clothing for baby goats

How do I make outdoor planters?

What can I use for an outdoor garden for vegetables? My soul is all clay):

Do I need to remove old stick & peel tile before laying new floor?

I'm getting ready to install laminate flooring in my kitchen. Do I need to remove the old stick and peel tile before starting?

How to stain/paint wood porch floor with oil stain?

I have a cooking oil stain on/in wood porch floor and want to do something to make floor look clear. I tried powder, decreaser and Dawn but neither worked to remove... See more

How do I unclutter my bedroom when I don't have room to clear it out?

I would like to know how to "unclutter" my bedroom. I am not able to put things someplace else while I go thru them. Thank you. Beatrice Birdsong

How to remove scale from coffee maker?

We’re in Yuma over the winter and the water is very hard. I’ve used citric acid several times to try to remove the scale. I believe some has been removed but the... See more

How do I redo my bathroom baseboard?

Anyone have an idea about bathroom baseboards, I'm wanting to try something new and inexpensive

How do I create an open shelf concept in my kitchen?

I want to take out the cabinets in my kitchen and have an open-shelf concept. There is a section above the cabinets that I want to take out. Is this possible? What is... See more
q creating an open shelf concept in my kitchen

What is a good paint?

I would like to re-repaint an old textured sofa table. What paint and/or technique should I use? Please help me with some ideas. Thank you.