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Accent Pillow indecision?

As you can see I have three sets of pillows under consideration for these chairs in our small foyer. Opinions please
q accent pillow indecision

Landscaping ideas for the backyard?

Hi all I have recently bought a new home and planning to innovate new ideas for my new home. My first step is to design a patio in my backyard and surrounding it with... See more

How to prevent a disposal unit from seizing with age?

Disposal units get rusty and seize up or gears stop working even if not used. What can be done to prevent this.

Help me decorate my front Porch

My front porch is really awkward, how should I decorate it? Wouldn’t mind having some chairs or a bench but where would I put it?
q help me decorate my front porch

How do I place my tv?

This is the only wall a tv can go on. This view is from center of the couch. I know I can mount it over the fireplace (but I hate that height and it not being... See more
q how do i place my tv

How do I fix an old sliding cabinet door?

I am remaking an old stereo cabinet. The doors slide open towards the centre. One of the doors has come off it’s track. There isn’t any apparent hardware. Any ideas?

How do I know if the spindles are just decorative or load bearing?

I would like to take a multi tool to these spindles and remove them as they date the space. Before I do, I want to make sure that the spindles are not bearing any... See more
q how do i know if the spindles are just decorative or load bearing

How can I hang objects from vinyl siding walls?

I have a vinyl siding home with a large front porch. I would like to decorate it more with planters and other decor using the walls. What is the best way to hang... See more

How do I fix the vandalized wiper?

Someone pushed my wiper blade arm all the way down to my license plate and “stripped out” whatever kept it moving on the window. Meaning when I turn it on, it moves... See more
q how do i fix the vandalized wiper

Old picture frames?

How do you use old picture frames?

How to remove lint from dark clothes?

While sick, my husband stepped up and washed clothes. He did a load of dark clothes (my scrubs) and also had a brushed cotton & wool shirt in the load of laundry. ... See more

How do I remove oil marks from oak veneer table?

Hi there, I recently purchased an oak table with a white washed veneer top. I've been super careful, using mats at every meal and wiping down quickly, BUT I already... See more
q how do i remove oil marks from oak veneer table

How do I age glass seed beads?

Modern seed bead colors can be very bright unlike older ones that are paler and softer in color. Is there a way to 'take out' the brightness of modern seed beads ?

How do I make a wind chime out of sea glass?

I have a ton of sea glass. Looking to make some wind chimes- but not sure how to tie them together. I don't want to make holes in the glass.

Anyone use barn tin for a shower?

I am wanting to redo our shower. Has anyone made a shower out of tin? Was wanting to make shower base, frame up and use tin as the walls? Anyone have any experience... See more
q anyone use barn tin for a shower, bathroom ideas, repurpose building materials, repurposing upcycling, Photo from Pinterest

How to Cover sanding to veneer dining room teak table?

Sanded into veneer about 6 inch diameter circle. It is not staining. I would like to put a stencil on it or ??? Help?

How to grow this plant /

What is this plant called (name)
q how to grow this plant

How to embellish a denim jacket with ribbon and lace?

Could someone post a project on how to embellish a denim jacket with lace, ribbon, appliques, sparkle buttons, etc. I would dearly love to see something like this. ... See more

How to remove oil stains from a cement driveway?

How to remove oil stains on cement driveway?

What are these pieces used for??

Cleaning out my bin and don't know what these items are used for
q what are these pieces used for

Choosing paint colours?

Hi everyone! I'm looking for suggestions on colours for my veranda and front door. As you can see, it's a log home with a steel roof. I am keeping the house colours.... See more
q choosing paint colours