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Which type of shades will be suitable for modern interior design?

Hi there,I bought an apartment recently. I have a plan to renovate its interior. But, I'm a little confused regarding the selection of shades. I want to have a modern... See more

Can I rotate my water heater?

My water heater is just taking up so much space. But if I could rotate it, then I would be able to fit my washer and dryer in the laundry room without stacking them... See more
q can i rotate my water heater

How can I finish the backside of a piece of furniture?

How to finish off the backside of a piece of furniture?I am downsizing my home. I have a dining room hutch that I love and could provide storage space in a smaller... See more
q how to finish off the backside of a piece of furniture

Simplest way to re-stain or paint kitchen cabinets or paint ?

Simplest way to re-stain or paint kitchen cabinets or paint ?

How to prevent termite and decaying to log furniture?

The picture here is for reference. I was wondering how can any such item made by using a log be safe from termite and any such bug? How can we prevent the decaying?... See more
q how to prevent termite and decaying to log furniture

How do I clean or polish or make it look better (glass top stove)?

This is the burner I use very regularly it has got a white layer ? How do I get rid of this ? and maintaining glass top stove tips would be greatly appreciated
q how do i clean or polish or make it look better glass top stove

How can I decorate 2 wooden arrows?

I bought them at Hobby Lobby and there about 15 in. long. They are med brown color and I'm wondering how I can dress them up and make them pop!! Thanks!!

How to repair and refinish antique veneer?

I was gifted an old table that has not been taken care of. There are areas of stains (coffee and water) in the top veneer. There are other areas where the veneer is... See more

How do I strengthen wooden chair legs?

How do I strengthen wooden chair legs they 4 generations old. And I want to keep using them if I can.

How to take up plywood floor in a shed?

Is this doable for someone with little experience? I'd like to insulate the floor, shed too close to ground to get underneath. Thanks

How do I redo the grout on the Granite Countertop and the Backsplash?

The grout where it is sealed between the granite countertop and the backsplash is breaking and coming out. What do I use to redo this? What material do I need to... See more

How to cover up cheap side of floor cabinet?

My cabinets are covered with a contact paper like covering. The floor cabinet on the end needs covered up any ideas?

Add some pizazz?

We had this pole carport built next to our house, suggestions on adding a little pizazz to it, just looks to plain. We really only use the 2 left parking spots. They... See more
q add some pizazz

How can I get privacy from my neighbor that can look over my fence ?

I have a private fence that is made from wood Slats and was put up by a profession company, my problem is have a neighbor that can go upstairs in their house and look... See more

Master bathroom upgrade ideas?

We put new tile in and painted walls light gray. Vanity top is white. I’m thinking gray vanity with bronze faucets. Maybe paint mirror frame with same gray on vanity... See more
q master bathroom upgrade ideas

Should I paint over wallpaper?

My husband wants to paint over the wallpaper instead of stripping it. I'm worried about the seams.

How do I clean grease spots off my new stove?

We bought new appliances after I redid my kitchen . I bought GE brand , with a slate finish . It goes great with the vintage cottage / industrial look I have . It is... See more

Missing kitchen drawer?

A previous border damaged one of my kitchen drawers and threw it out before I had a chance to grab it how can I go about having this drawer replaced or making a... See more

How to cover an unsightly tankless water heater...

Including the pipes the gas water heater is about 35" high... and about 18" across. It needs to vent on the sides--so something with slates or holes would be good.... See more
q how to cover an unsightly tankless water heater

Why do I need a zip code,to register. I am not American,but Canadian

I couldn't register because you require a zip code rather than a postal code.

How do I redo a dinning room table?

My dining room table has a big scratch in it I want to distress that dining room table like painted or something to make it look real pretty or even stain it. I need... See more

How do I make scented wax for burners?

How do I make scented wax for burners

How to build a Christmas tree out of storage crates?

You use 9 crates to build a 3 tier Christmas tree

How to remake christmas stockings?

how to make something from the foot part of christmas stockings


baking soda & vinegar