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Brand preference

Just interested to know, in terms of purchasing a "saw" do you guys prefer brand name first or only quality? comparatively which one you personally look at

Decorating ?

Just curious with this being a very different stressful year due to COVID if any of you are decorating less for holidays especially Christmas than in past?i did not... See more

How do I remove old 1950s sliding closet doors?

My house has old sliding closet doors. The doors don't have the normal track that others have. There's a grove at the bottom and there a nail that slides the door... See more

How can I use 2 Side drawers to make a headboard?

I have two desk drawers I would like to make a bookcase headboard for a queen bed using them. Any suggestions?

Recent email from Hometalk you posted a red brick fireplace makeover

I can't find the fireplace makeover from red brick to grey tile with mortar

How to design kitchen with 3 doors + windows?

We are trying to redesign our kitchen to give us more counter and cabinet space, while trying to open it up as well. The challenge is the need for 3 access points and... See more
q how to design kitchen with 3 doors windows

How do I repair the water damaged ceiling above the fireplace? Than

How do I repair the water damaged ceiling above the fireplace? Thank you!
q how do i repair the water damaged ceiling above the fireplace than

My door handles have been painted?

The handles look terrible and I can't get them off the door as they have several coats of paint on them, but I don't want to damage the door

Put on garden globe to put stone marbles on it

I have a metal globe for outside in my garden and I know I saw it once before but I am having a " senior moment" AND CANNOT REMEMBER WHAT THEY USED TO PUT ON THE... See more

I need help with a project!

I found a very nice root from a old tree. I want to make holes and maybe put some little tiny cactus. How I make the holes ?

What type of tiles?

What type of tiles should I use in my bathroom?

How to save a vintage sticker?

How can I preserve a 100 year old sticker on a glass pane. It is an old Pacific Telegraph and Telephone sticker on a door from a building that burned. The door and... See more
q how to save a vintage sticker

How should I paint a coffee table top using the blending technique?

Do I just do blobs or stripes or free form? It's not like there is a top and bottom like with a dresser.

How to I change up a huge log bed that is too big for our bedroom?

I need an idea of a possible redo I have a queen size real log bed that when I ordered I didn’t know it was so big. We have no room for bedside tables and one of us... See more

I Need Your Help!!

I Want to hang a pair of antique windows up on my walls. BUT, I really want to be able to easily lower them ( to switch out photos? ) I am Disabled and, need ?? ____... See more
q i need your help

What is it??

I put Jasmine plant inside after cleaning properly with soapy water but after 2-3 weeks I noticed little white bugs, what are those and how to save my plant?
q what is it

How to clean my floor easily?

I have tiles and a hardwood floor in my house. I want to clean my house without a mop. Does it possible? Please share your opinion.

Medicine cabinet hole.?

I need a modern idea for a hole left in bathroom wall after removal of old medicine cabinet.

How to strip Oak thread stairs ?

I want to change the color of my oak stairs in my house, what do I do?

How to achieve pottery look using baking soda and paint?

how to achieve pottery look using baking soda and paint

Extremely long picture window how to cover it

Hello out there, I have an extremely long (107 inches) picture window and without going bankrupt i am looking for curtains or drapes to cover it for ... See more

Radon Testing

If I don't have a basement do I need to perform a radon test?

Do Worm Composter smell and do they multiply?

Hi thereI have been looking into building a worm composter to get best use out of my kitchen waste. You know scraps or food, tea bags etc. I did a bit of research... See more

Can someone please help identify?

Can someone please help identifyI? I was given this for free and I don’t know who makes?
q can someone please help identify

What kind of glue will hold river rocks together

I would like to make some things out of river rocks, but I don't know how to hold them together.