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Any home remedies for ants? Small ants that love your crumbs!
Tracy Moreira Tracy Moreira Answered 7 days ago

I keep most food items that have been opened in zip lock bags to deter ants. But I always seem to find them lurking around. Besides sprays and t red aps, what home ... See more

Help! I have ants in my dishwasher. How did they get there?
Judy Purcell Judy Purcell Answered 7 days ago

I keep seeing one or two ants on my kitchen counter. There is no trail of ants, no obvious place they came in, and they seem to head for the sink. I finally noticed s... See more

How do I get rid of "itty bitty" ants -- in bathroom and kitchen?

I see them on the bathroom floor and on some of the kitchen counters. How do I get rid of ants inside?

How to get rid of ants that are coming up thru paver stones?
Bam12162746 Bam12162746 Answered 7 days ago

We are in Florida and the ants are burrowing into the sand between the paver stones inside of our lanai. We also have a cat that goes out there so I would need to us... See more

How to get rid of ants in house?
AnnMarie Taylor AnnMarie Taylor Answered 7 days ago

Need receipe for indoor ants. Safe for pets and will not damage laminate floors thought lemon rind would help, but no!!

How do I stop ants from crawling on my outside clothes line?
Carolyn Shaw Carolyn Shaw Answered 7 days ago

The clothesline has been in the same place for years but this is the first time all these tiny ants keep running on it.

We are infested with ants that they are killing our trees and plants!!
Bar32328884 Bar32328884 Answered 7 days ago

How do you get rid of ants. We are infested with ants that they are killing our trees and plants in our front flower bed around the house. They are the very small on... See more

How do I get rid of ants on the water filter of our fridge?
Rr Rr Answered 7 days ago

The outside water dispenser on our fridge has black ants that fill come out when you go to fill a glass of water. We've cleaned the hose with toothpicks and small too... See more

How do I get rid of pee ants in my bathroom?
Stormy Stormy Answered 7 days ago

I have the little bitty black ants coming out from somewhere in my bathroom wall by my bathtub. We are on disability so we can't remodel. We also have animals so need... See more

How do I keep the ants away from my Hummingbird Feeders????
TaniaC TaniaC Answered 7 days ago

It doesn't matter where I put my hummingbird feeders in my yard it seems those pesky little sugar ants seem to find them...GRRR! Does anyone have any Suggestions on h... See more

How to avoid ants before spring arrives?
Lea6941 Lea6941 Answered 7 days ago

I would like to make sure that this summer our house is clean from ants!!!

How do we avoid ants on rhubarb??
Marie Roche Marie Roche Answered 7 days ago

ants eating leaves on rhubarb. What should we spray on it?

How can I safely get rid of ants (not sugar ants) in my microwave?
Khicks4330 Khicks4330 Answered 7 days ago

Yesterday ants started invading my microwave. I need a safe method for cleaning the microwave and getting rid of the ants before they invade the kitchen.

How effective are bay leaves for ants?
Rivka Hellendall Rivka Hellendall Answered 7 days ago

I'm dealing with a terrible ant infestation, and I heard that bay leaves can be a great way to keep them away. Do you know if that's true? If it is, how can I use bay... See more