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What is the quirkiest thing you are using in your Christmas decor?
Shira Shira Answered 3 hours ago

Gone are the days of standard Christmas decorations. Move over tinsel and popcorn, make way for plastic spoon Christmas trees and baseball bat swags. So my question t... See more

Should I paint or stain my oak kitchen cabinets?
Lauren of Mom Home Guide Lauren of Mom Home Guide Answered 7 hours ago

I was wondering if you could help me with something -- I have an entirely oak kitchen. I know it's the rage now to paint or gel stain cabinets. I've been considering ... See more

Any tips for saving a paint roller for the next day?
Amy Poulton Amy Poulton Answered 7 hours ago

I find my painting projects last me days and I really do not want the mission of having to wash and dry the roller daily, it really makes the project a lot harder and... See more

What kind of glue do you use for glueing puzzle to canvas?
Stephanie Rolfe Stephanie Rolfe Answered 7 hours ago

I have already completed puzzle and used mod podge to keep it together. I want to glue it to the canvas but am not sure what type of glue to use. Please help! Thanks!... See more

What to put in this huge mason jar?
Dawn Williams Dawn Williams Answered 7 hours ago

I have a HUGE mason jar. I would like some ideas on what to put in it for decorations, other than flowers.

How do I keep my storm door from icing up?
Mag28612092 Mag28612092 Answered 7 hours ago

We have a glass storm door. It has always fogged up or frosted over. I have drilled holes at the bottom for circulation but that did not help. Lowed humidity in the h... See more

How can I organize all of these cans?
Sharon Sharon Answered 7 hours ago

I would like to put my canned goods in some type of order so you can see what they are and get to them more easily. Right now, they are stacked on top of each other b... See more

How do I keep my hanging door decorations from banging on my door?
Tina Wallace Tina Wallace Answered 7 hours ago

I have several hanging wooden "decorations/wreaths" that I want to use for the upcoming holidays. When the wind blows they move and bang on my door. Any suggestion... See more

How do I fix grout on a tile table top?
Anita Fleming Anita Fleming Answered 8 hours ago

Our dining room table is all tile with a wooden border. It's getting up there in years and though the tile is in near perfect condition the grout or what more accurat... See more

Wrong color for tile grout. How can I fix it?
M coppola M coppola Answered 8 hours ago

Chose dark grey grout for white tile, looks awful. What can I do?

How can I brighten and bleach the grout in between subway tiles?
Mimi Mimi Answered 20 hours ago

My subway tiles are white and the grout in between is old and yellow from the shower water.

How to prevent grout from changing to darker color when wet?
Tcab Tcab Answered 20 hours ago

I have new bathroom floor tiles. I noticed that the grout changed to darker color when wet. My tiles and grout are light gray but the grout change to dark gray when w... See more

How do I open this tube?
Louise Louise Answered 24 hours ago

The end of this tube is very hard. I slightly tried to punch the end of a knife into it and also tried a large paper clip but neither budged it. I was a bit timid in ... See more

How do you get rid of sink/drain flies?
Cindy Stewart Trachsler Cindy Stewart Trachsler Answered Yesterday

I would like to know how to get rid those pesty little sink/drain flies. I've tried baking soda and vinegar, drain cleaners and put plastic over the drains.

I have flies can't get rid of them.no food left out. No fruit. Really
Carole Taurasi Carole Taurasi Answered Yesterday

I have fruit flies and can't get rid of them. I don't even have any food or fruit out.

I hate my mirrored sliding closet doors and I need ideas
Kim Lorraine Budoff-Kapsh Kim Lorraine Budoff-Kapsh Answered 2 days ago

My husband and I each have a closet and they are mirrored. I hate them. (1970s) What can I do with them?

How do I get rid of gnats living in the soil of my potted plant?
Vwa23911465 Vwa23911465 Answered 2 days ago

I have an avocado tree growing inside in a pot by the window. When I water it I see these little gnat-like bugs running around in the dirt. I have no idea how to safe... See more

How do i get rid of these gnats or fruit flies?
Nancy gmitter Nancy gmitter Answered 2 days ago

Can someone tell me how to get rid of fruit flies or gnats?

Christmas centerpieces made out of candy canes and an empty tin can
Christina Christina Answered 2 days ago

I know that you use an empty can, flowers, and candy canes with hot glue gun. What else?

How to dye gauze
Nan27377063 Nan27377063 Answered 2 days ago

need wedding decorations for table

How can I remove these water marks from wood tables?
Nakeisha F Nakeisha F Answered 2 days ago

My husband bought these tables and a few of them are in good condition while some have like water marks on them (not sure though). I would like to know what could I ... See more

What is this fungus on my mulch?
Kathleen M Kathleen M Answered 2 days ago

I snapped the first pic planning on asking this question but got busy, forgot about it and then noticed it yesterday already shooting spoors I guess? Is it harmful an... See more

How to keep a plastic shower curtain liner from blowing inward
Jodi Jodi Answered 2 days ago

My shower stall is not very wide and when I'm showering, the plastic liner keeps blowing inward making it feel very cramped. Magnets won't work because the shower bas... See more

How to wash silk pillowcases?
Ina Ina Answered 2 days ago

Does anyone have tips on how to wash silk pillowcases? Mine are turning yellow.

How can I use leftover 6 inch wood circles?
Ashley Contreras Ashley Contreras Answered 2 days ago

I have so many 6 inch wood circle cut outs leftover from making cornhole boards, just unsure what to do with them. Any ideas anyone?

How can I use this piece of glass?
Sue Sue Answered 2 days ago

I have a beautiful piece of textured glass left from a business that I closed and I see it as a coffee table. I am having a hard time envisioning the base. It is 29" ... See more