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What Are Some Unexpected Uses for Dryer Sheets?
Hillela G. Hillela G. Answered 29 minutes ago

I looove using dryer to sheets to make my cloths smell great, and I know that they have a bunch of other surprising, helpful uses as well. What are some unexpected wa... See more

How do I keep feathers in my couch cushions and not all over my house?
Mindy D. Mindy D. Answered 33 minutes ago

I have a beautiful, designer couch. PROBLEM! it , or the seat cushion, I should say, is stuffed with feathers. Consequently, I have feathers all over my house.

How can I make moving items (med. size boxes) up & down stairs easier?
Barb Barb Answered 37 minutes ago

I'm a 77 yr old female with on-going back problems , despite having 3 surgeries, and COPD. My bigest concern is Christmas season when I have to bring decorations up... See more

How do I cover wire shelves so everything doesn’t fall over?
Pamela Pamela Answered 41 minutes ago

My apartment has wire shelves in the refrigerator as well as in the pantry closet. Everything I place on the shelves ends up toppling over and falling through. What ... See more

What are your favorite exterior siding colors?
Amy Poulton, Hometalk Editor Amy Poulton, Hometalk Editor Answered 44 minutes ago

Choosing the right exterior siding colors can completely transform the look of your home.From classic neutrals like grays and whites to adventurous choices like blues... See more

Are gray walls here to stay or are they on their way out?
Amy Poulton, Hometalk Editor Amy Poulton, Hometalk Editor Answered 2 hours ago

Hey everyone,Gray wall color has long been a favorite choice due to its versatility, modern appeal, and ability to complement a wide range of design styles.But the qu... See more

I want to put an air conditioner in my sliding window.
Debi Cannon Debi Cannon Answered 6 hours ago

They are horizontal sliding window 20 " h and 16-34 w, need info whats the best way to put a 12000 btu in that window.

Homemade Pill Organizer
Lin R Lin R Answered 17 hours ago

Can any of you crafty people out there think of a way to make a non-toxic and nice looking pill box holder? I need something with compartments large enough to put al... See more

How to make Candyland party decorations?
Bracha Moskoff Bracha Moskoff Answered 2 days ago

I'm planning a Candyland-themed party for my daughter's birthday, and need some creative ideas for Candyland party decorations.I know this Hometalk community will be ... See more

Which would you prioritize, a bathroom remodel or a kitchen remodel?
Amy Poulton, Hometalk Editor Amy Poulton, Hometalk Editor Answered 3 days ago

Home renovation projects can transform both the aesthetics and functionality of your living space. Whether you're considering a bathroom remodel or a kitchen over... See more

HELP I turned my toilet bowl gray!!!!
Jayme Jayme Answered 3 days ago

A few months ago I decided to try to get the hard water line out of my toilet bowl.. I used an SOS pad (steel wool with soap). I did get rid of the hard water line fo... See more

How can I make a 2 inch spacer to raise my toilet seat?
Llt15117482 Llt15117482 Answered 3 days ago

I have been unsuccessful in finding any available for purchase.

How would I build a rain proof roof for my aluminum pergola?
Virna Virna Answered 3 days ago

Here's a stock photo of my pergola, it doesn't keep anything dry underneath.

How to get my cat to stop peeing on the bed?
Danielle Segev Danielle Segev Answered 3 days ago

My cat keeps peeing on my Egyptian cotton sheets. I have tried using vinegar and bicarb to eliminate the smell and then washing them in the machine but nothing seems ... See more

How do I change my gate to swing open out instead of in to my yard?
Kathy Kathy Answered 3 days ago

My most beautiful hibiscus is growing right behind where my gate swings open and when it's in bloom, it gets mashed when the gate is opened. I would like to change it... See more

How to clean a mirror without streaks?
Dede Dede Answered 4 days ago

Every time I clean my mirrors, they end up having tons of streaks and almost look worse than before I started. What could I use to clean them that won't leave streaks... See more

How can I clean black spots on fireplace bricks?
Karen Karen Answered on Jul 11, 2024

When we moved into our house it has a working fireplace but someone had let a fire get out of hand and has burned black spots on the outside of the firebox area. It d... See more

Non-flowering basil plant
Diane Diane Answered 4 days ago

Several years ago I purchased an amazing basil plant at a nursery. It grew to be 3 or more feet tall, never flowered or went to seed. I rooted many slips from it to... See more

What is the best tool for removing weeds between pavers?
Zach Waxer Zach Waxer Answered 4 days ago

I am noticing a lot of weeds appearing between my outdoor pavers. I tried removing them by hand but most of the time I am not getting to the roots. I would love to kn... See more

Which past home decor design trend would you love to see return?
Amy Poulton, Hometalk Editor Amy Poulton, Hometalk Editor Answered on Jul 02, 2024

Let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit some classic home decorating trends!Whether it's the bold patterns of the 70s, the sleek lines of mid-century modern, o... See more

I have several corelle dishes that have turned brown on the edges.
Colleen Stewart Colleen Stewart Answered 6 days ago

I have tried s.o.s pads to remove stains without success. Any suggestions on what else I could try?

What is the best way to clean a sisal rug to remove stains from it?
Virginia Smith Virginia Smith Answered 6 days ago

I would use water and soap but I don´t know wheter sisal rugs shrink with water. Some stains are from spilling drinks, some others were produced by pets.

What plant can be planted near sump pump drain, very wet area?
Debpegoli Debpegoli Answered 6 days ago

I have the area that the sump pump sprays water from the basement. This area stays extremely wet and I need a plant that will grow in very wet area.