Has anyone ever used the product called restore for painting concrete? i want to paint my patio this summer.

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    Peace, that DeckRevive product is like Encore or Deck-it. I'd rate it a distant 3rd in quality and projected results..
  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    It sounds like you know something Amazing that I don't (-:
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    I was around during the devekopment of these materials.... Its in the details where they work better or not..... Id rank them top to bottom,,, Deck-it, Encore, Deck Revive. At least Deck-it had a PHD chemist tweak it to work better than the others....
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    deck revive by gulf synthetics was the invention of jeff moreau who left gulf & now owns encore. as was gulf originally, encore is based/manufactured in cartersville, ga. he's built up a national distribution network & they're doing well. [ no
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    I wonder if there is an advantage on wood.
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    Its funny how Deck-it is the best of the bunch, yet has zero marketing dollars behind it. Its all about the chemistry, not pretty pictures and unsubstantiated claims. @ Charles, its all about the materials ability to flex between hot and cold swings
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    we used the gulf product on our deck & i didn't get a thrill running up my leg ( tnx, chris matthews, for the phrase ),,, encore was/is a much better product imho,,, have to try deck-it next
  • MARY T
    MARY T Fountain, CO
    Does this type of paint work better on smooth concrete?
  • Judy
    Judy Pittsburgh, PA
    we just used RESTORE on two cement patio's.... works great... have to use two coats, clients of mine (Realtor) have had it on 4 years, not a chip
  • Gypsy Barn
    Gypsy Barn Canada
    I'm about to do the entire concrete patio around my pool using this - in a cobblestone pattern! Best of luck to you and I both!!!
  • Kmr
    Kmr Fairhope, AL
    I put it in my garage about four months ago. I have noticed a lot of sand covering the floor after traffic. At first I thought it came from out side but then I realized it is coming from the product. Looks good when it is clean. But I could build a
  • Fireangles2000
    Fireangles2000 New Town, ND
    you can redo the concrete by putting colored thinset on it and you can stamp it to make different patterns..Check with lowes or home depot for added suggestions. :)
  • Ed Anderson
    I applied Rust-Oleum Restore to my deck mid August 2013.

    We followed the manufacture's instructions religiously. We alsowatched their video for product application. We used

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