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$4.00 Spray Paint in a POPULAR Chalk Paint Color!

Love the Annie Sloan chalk paints and fabulous colors but cannot afford a can of paint for every project? I feel your pain and found a great solution in a $4.00 can of spray paint.
  • 4 00 spray paint in a popular chalk paint color, chalk paint, painted furniture

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  • Nikki
    Nikki Fenton, MO

    Where did you find this color? I have tried Lowes and walmart with no luck...

  • Wendy Hermance

    Always a fan of creative hacks. And thank you for helping me finish the cabinets in my 1910 Servants Quarters included in the cost of the cabinet builder, who is a spray laquer fanatic. I'm just going to be there to wipe down areas.

  • Billiejane
    Billiejane Huron, OH

    Thank you Tania, however, I think I'd face the same problem, using the Rustoleum handy handle since it appears to have the same type of lid. Nikki trying Home Depot like Tania said. I think it might be just as beautiful as the Valspar paint.

  • Patcrawford332

    You can mix your own chslk and it works as well as a.s. paint. I have done it ma y times

  • Candy Walsh
    Candy Walsh Conway, AR

    Thank you so much!! I love that ASCP color but for one it's too pricey and two, it can't be found anywhere. Looks like for the most part you have to order it from specialty stores and pay shipping too. This is a perfect solution, I wish it came in a

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