Garden 05.12.16
I just found a rusty porcelain tub at a sale for $2.00 so of course, I had to plant it. I used some of my dishes from my stash and planted them with Allysum, Moss Rose, Verbena and Violets. I put gravel in the bottom of the teapot and teacup for drainage. I also drilled holes in the bottom of the tub.Still debating if I should spray paint the tub with a pastel color.

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  • CindyD
    CindyD Arnold, MD
    Yes, I love this!!
  • Valerie
    Valerie South Africa
    I agree with L. Duclos - it is perfect the way it is! I also would not change a thing!
  • Keri
    Keri Grand Blanc, MI
    IDidn't know porcelain could rust.
    • Diana Kosa
      Diana Kosa Stratford, CT
      Keri I 've recently discovered that if the porcelain on enamelware chips, the metal underneath could be made with lead or cadmium, both heavy metal poisons which make the containers unsafe for food but absolutely fine for plants and flowers except herbs.
  • Patricia
    Patricia Jacksonville, FL
    The blue tea pot in flower garden I have the set can you tell me about it
  • Diana Kosa
    Diana Kosa Stratford, CT
    I have an almost identical pot given to me by a neighbor. It was mother's from their old farm. I love having a piece of local history and have planted fushia geraniums interspersed with blue moon lobelias or pansies in the past :)
B.J. B