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Refinished Counter Tops With Paper

Remove edging of Formica counters...it they are preformed androunded you will have to paper over the edge and smooth it to the bottom edge. Cleancounter tops thoroughly and fill any divots or holes. Take craft paper(scrunched and torn or cut into pieces depending on your style) soaked it in 2parts water 1 part while glue...smoothed onto counters and over the edge. (Don'tsmooth so much you lose the scrunched look unless you want a more or a smoothlook). Cut paper along the wall if it needs it and along the bottom edge. Layeruntil you get the look you want. Once it is dried stain to your color choosing.Put a couple of layers of poly and then sand lightly to smooth and place a1" stained edge piece and add a couple more layer of poly. Be careful notto place hot pot on counter...I put a large decorative trivet where I usuallyput hop pots. You can try this on a piece of wood first until you get the hangof it and the color of stain you want...the paper takes stain differently thanwood... you
Time: 5 Days
  • refinished counter tops with paper, countertops, diy, kitchen design
  • refinished counter tops with paper, countertops, diy, kitchen design
  • refinished counter tops with paper, countertops, diy, kitchen design
  • Rocki
    Rocki Chino Hills, CA

    This is an awesome project! I did this in my first house!First, I soaked the paper in rust colored dye and added copper-colored pixiedust (exxxtra fine glitter) to the glue. When I placed the pieces up on the wall, and it finally dried, I glazed it

  • Rachel
    Rachel Springdale, PA

    can you paint the paper instead of staining?

  • Ann Doughty Bosche
    Ann Doughty Bosche Lucedale, MS

    I'm glad I found this post. I am getting ready to have to do something with my old, beat up counter tops. Yours look great!

  • Vicky
    Vicky Springfield, IL

    I love this look. I want to redo my counters but havent gotten brave enough yet. but his looks so easy I think I am going to try it

  • Mechel Nelson Lewis

    I saw a post were they painted it with a sponge in a green and some white and took a small paint brush put some dark lines in it. It was beautiful it looked like marble..