Refinished Counter Tops With Paper

DIY 5 days ago
Remove edging of Formica they are preformed androunded you will have to paper over the edge and smooth it to the bottom edge. Cleancounter tops thoroughly and fill any divots or holes. Take craft paper(scrunched and torn or cut into pieces depending on your style) soaked it in 2parts water 1 part while glue...smoothed onto counters and over the edge. (Don'tsmooth so much you lose the scrunched look unless you want a more or a smoothlook). Cut paper along the wall if it needs it and along the bottom edge. Layeruntil you get the look you want. Once it is dried stain to your color choosing.Put a couple of layers of poly and then sand lightly to smooth and place a1" stained edge piece and add a couple more layer of poly. Be careful notto place hot pot on counter...I put a large decorative trivet where I usuallyput hop pots. You can try this on a piece of wood first until you get the hangof it and the color of stain you want...the paper takes stain differently thanwood... you could also color wash it with paint. It does take about a week, just because of the drying time between coats of poly.
Time: 5 Days
  • Sharon E
    Sharon E Gilbertown, AL
    I'm starting this today!!!
  • T Vaughn
    T Vaughn Ada, OK
    How does it hold up to getting wet, particularly around the sink?
  • Leslie Lewis
    Leslie Lewis Snohomish, WA
    I saw this done on HGTV Trading Spaces years ago and have done several walls. I used old paper grocery bags or masking paper in rolls.... ripped it in odd shapes...scrunched it up.. got it wet w/ water and then used wallpaper glue. Overlapped it and it
  • Teresa F
    I work in an antique store and I did this to a huge table. Also did it on some waist high metal shelving and then we added tall shelves to create a library wall floor to ceiling. It looked amazing and has held up well.
  • Mitziblueyes
    Mitziblueyes Sedley, VA
    I did this same technique on my living room walls and loved it!! Never thought about the bathroom!! I've gotta do this!! Awesome!
  • Vickie Treece
    Vickie Treece Texarkana, TX
    I just used the same technique on a toy room floor using colored construction paper!
  • Ayimartz
    Ayimartz Chula Vista, CA
    What 's poly? I'm not a native speaker so can you explain me?
    • T Vaughn
      T Vaughn Ada, OK
      Ayimartz Poly is short for Polyurethane, it's essentially a plastic in liquid form until it dries, it's available in water or oil based and comes in satin to glossy varieties.
  • Vicky Pelegrin
    Vicky Pelegrin Appleton, WI
    Perfect for my hideous bathroom counter.
  • Rachel
    rachel Springdale, PA
    has anyone done this using different colors of paint dabbed on to look like granite?
  • Rachel
    rachel Springdale, PA
    i have a the counter top kind of lumpy from the paper or does the poly make it smooth?
  • Cherie
    Cherie Buckley, WA
    You barely overlap the paper so it's not lumpy at all, plus the poly makes it really smooth. I've done my blue countertop in my laundry room and it looks awesome. The blue showed through in spots and it looks like marble!
  • Rachel
    rachel Springdale, PA
    is there any stain that looks like black paint
  • Nancy J
    Nancy J Freedom, PA
    Do you think this can be done to a kitchen table top? My set is oak, but the table top is formic
    • Wanda sinnema
      Wanda sinnema Seattle, WA
      Nancy J I don't see why you could not do it.. formica is formica ,, regardless if its on a counter or tabletop..I'd make sure to prep it good..
  • Wanda sinnema
    Wanda sinnema Seattle, WA
    I may try this on a dresser top.
  • Lorry V
    Lorry V Denver, CO
    hi there and thanks for the inspiration! Do you think this would work over tile?
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