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Super Simple Slippery Stair Solution.

This idea came to me after several close calls on our back deck stairs. Rain, ice, coming inside from swimming, etc... has led to these close calls. *I needed a solution that would not interfere with my ability to sweep, clean or shovel the steps, but provide excellent protection from falls.
Several years ago, because of this issue, I had paid a ridiculous amount of money for a roll (enough for (8) 12x1 inch adhesive, non slip strips. However, when I decided to refinish the deck, I had to remove the strips, at which time they became shredded chunks that were no longer usable.
I couldn't bring myself to pay the price for these strips again, but after realizing it was too dangerous to forego this non-slip measure, I began racking my brain for a solution. As is typical for me, these ideas came to me outta the blue. One day as I was driving home, I blurted out..."shingles!!"
I came home; went to the outbuilding, grabbed one of our leftover shingles; a utility knife (Stanley knife); a caulk gun loaded with Liquid Nail (or, as I like to call it--liquid duct tape, lol); sliced off (8) 12x5 inch strips; and applied them to the steps.
Wallah!! So far, so awesome! The stair grips has survived 5 snow shovelings, and has been a true back, body, & butt saver.

Got a question about this project?

  • Tammie S
    Tammie S Kennesaw, GA

    Stephanie, I don't think you need to use enough 'sand' to make it hard to clean. It will take very little to help you grip to the step when you walk on it. You may even be able to paint then sprinkle the 'sand' lightly over it and roll it in. Maybe

  • Carol S
    Carol S Warwick, RI

    Question - the grit on the shingles doesn't flake off? We have steps leading inot & out of the garage. We & our dogs walk on them several times daily - Do you think they would hold up for us? I have left over rolled shingle from my shed I could use.

    • Phoebe, Crooked River Ranch, OR

      @Carol S We have had shingles on our front and back steps for a few years, they are still looking like new and really help when the ice and snow arrives.

  • Connie Lorraine
    Connie Lorraine Lyndhurst, VA

    Hi Carol, I haven't had any issues with the grit flaking off. However, I have a building that has cheap shingles and I'm always finding grit runoff after a rain. Thanks for enlightening me to that. I would definitely recommend using a good quality

  • Barbara P
    Barbara P Lisbon, IA

    Very interesting and I might try on my cellar steps!! thanks!!

  • Stella Love
    Stella Love Spokane, WA

    I have been doing this for years. I just staple or roofing nail (short fat nail, flat wide head) them down. That way if one tears I can pull up and put another.

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