Transform Plain Paper Bags Into Funky and Unique Party Bags.

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instead of buying into the run of the mill party decorations for kids, why not design and make your own....First up : Party bags!! use this easy printing technique to create your own design party bags....
  • Easy DIY printing technique to create these unique partybags
  • You need: paper bags,lace paper pattern, poster paint and paint rollers
  • Lay the lace paper pattern over the paper bags, then roller the paint on...
  • Carefully peel away to reveal your print...
  • Funky printed, totally unique party bags

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  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
  • Juneolsen
    Juneolsen United Kingdom
    thanks Miriam I, I have also just posted about making matching giant party bunting....check it out
  • Sue
    Sue Allentown, PA
    Great idea. Such fun bags.
  • Juneolsen
    Juneolsen United Kingdom
    Thank you Miriam I
  • Lilly
    Lilly San Antonio, TX
    super cute idea. i have three granddaughters and those birthday party invites they get this will help with gift giving ideas.

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