Custom Garage Makeover

Garage upgrade 03.08.16
Here is one way to transform a boring garage into a workshop/ man cave.

Materials used:

Floors- PolyMax

Cabinets- Gladiator

The walls were already painted when we signed the contract so not sure what type of yellow was chosen.

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  • Frank C
    Frank C Lawrenceville, GA
    Very nice man cave, One that you would be proud to go to when the wife gets MAD. LOL
  • Atlanta, GA
    Thanks Cool
  • CHaPP
    CHaPP Sarasota, FL
    Very nice!
  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    Father started cooking for the first time when mom got Alzheimers and realized he liked it and was pretty good too.
  • Atlanta, GA
    @Amy- that was the intent of the design to make it look like a man's kitchen. PS- does anyone know how to get a man to cook in a kitchen that was designed for women? I am asking this as a man and will give you my answer once I get your responses.
  • Bonnie K
    Bonnie K Barneveld, WI
    OMG I would never get my husband out of a garage that looks sooo good he could LIVE IN THAT GARAGE. good job
  • Designs by BSB
    Designs by BSB Lawrenceville, GA
    That is spectacular!
  • Amy K
    Amy K Forest Hill, MD
    Sorry guys; looks like a mechanical kitchen to me!!!
    • Atlanta, GA
      Amy K It is- most men wouldn't mind having these cabinets in their kitchen if they were given that option. Don't temp them.
  • Home Repair Tutor
    Home Repair Tutor Pittsburgh, PA
    Thanks for the reply. I thought it was an epoxy but wanted to verify. It looks great. Thanks for the inspiring photos.
  • Atlanta, GA
    @ Home- It was was an epoxy with flecks added before the final sealer went down. I would have to pull the file if you are looking for the brand name.
  • Home Repair Tutor
    Home Repair Tutor Pittsburgh, PA
    That is awesome. What brand of paint did you use on the floor or is it a different material?
  • John R
    John R Malvern, PA
    Thats my plan! Only a bit larger and no Toyotas in the bays! Powerboats and GM's!
  • Mary Alice M
    Mary Alice M San Antonio, TX
    OMG my husband would LOVE LOVE this. Come to think of it I could spend time in there too!!
  • Tim S
    Tim S Atlanta, GA
    Like this!
  • Katrina R
    Katrina R Brockport, NY
    Wow ! What color paint did you use on the walls?