What could be eating my wood siding ?

It started with just the corner of a fascia board and now has appeared in a bunch of other places. The fascia is cypress and the shingles are cedar. The only place the damage is being done is on the south or west side of the structure (an "out" building). It looks like it's being chewed. The attached pictures give you a pretty good idea what it looks like.

The house, which has the same siding and is about 50 feet away, is not affected at all.

Any clues and solutions gladly accepted !


Rick Taylor

Moyock, NC

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  • Yep, looks like squirrels Rick.

    Try trimming the trees back so they do not have an easy ladder to jump to the roof.

  • Becky H Tampa, FL
    For sure you're getting good answers! I had squirrels attack my gazebo; I'd never seen anything like it before, nor ever dreamed they would. In speaking with the wildlife division, they advised I put hot sauce on the wood they were attacking to stop
  • Aric V Tama, IA
    many times its for squirrels to gain access to your attic to make a new home, might check to see if you have any trapped up there
  • Rick T Moyock, NC
    Thanks all for the input....I suspected squirrels but wanted some other opinions in case it was something else. To answer some replies :
  • Susan S Fredericksburg, VA
    Hey Rick - nothing to add, I think everyone else pretty well covered it! But, I just had to comment on your "friend"! Sure is a cute fellow, however, I thought it was illegal to have monkeys as pets or does it depend on the state and what type of
  • Rick T Moyock, NC
    @Susan S - This l'il fella and about 5 of his cohorts were beach bums down in Roatan, Honduras. We were sailing up to Fort Lauderdale from Panama and stopped there for a few days. They were perfectly happy living where they were as they would swing into
  • Rick T Moyock, NC
    Said monkey in a tree with a beer...
  • Susan S Fredericksburg, VA
    LOL Rick, That's sooo funny! Sure couldn't be prosecuted for shoplifting could they??? Probably not very good candidates for AA either!! So if he was part of the beach bum gang, did he just sorta accidentally on purpose stow away on your boat???
  • Monkeys and Monks, aficionados both.

    Roatan is supposed to be beautiful and a nice place to snorkel.

  • Rick T Moyock, NC
    @Peace....they're supposed to have the 2nd largest coral reef in the world, behind the Great Barrier Reef, so it's kinda a dive haven. Nice place, enjoyed our few days there.
  • Too, the Honduranos are such a wonderful, humble people in general.

    I have had the pleasure of working with a handful. There are a good number in

  • Mikey F Richmond, VA
    . . . .the day the squirrel went berserk. . .
  • Becky H Tampa, FL
    Make that "gnawing" on the wood. Ooops!
  • Kelly F Freeport, PA
    So Rick- have you decided it is squirrels eating the house? Maybe just try putting a squirrel feeder in the yard? I gather up walnuts every year and put them on the garage floor- the squirrels eat them instead of my tools and wires and wood on the
  • Susan S Fredericksburg, VA
    @Becky H. - HA HA - I like your "original" way of spelling knawing!!!

    @Kelly F. - Somestimes if ya can't beat 'em ya might as well join 'em, right?? I keep telling my other half that it's an