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Guest Bathroom: Paper Bag Floors

Ashley from Domestic Imperfection posted a great tutorial about how to complete this super cool and inexpensive flooring option. I've wanted to update the guest bathroom for a while and since I was still on maternity leave, there was no time like the present! The Hub-E was skeptical about how this would look, especially in a bathroom, but has now found that he loves it.
The original tile was white, cracked, and out dated. Re-doing with the paper bag floor was more of an experiment for me since it was such a small area and I didn't want to rip out all of the tile. When I looked up the steps involved in this flooring, everyone online was putting it over concrete, ply wood, basically anything but tile. 12 coats of floor poly later, we are good! I will keep you posted if this starts to come up, BUT we don't use this bathroom very often, so the wear and tear on it is not like an ordinary bathroom.
Elmer's Glue
Floor Polyurethane - Water Base
Paper Bags

To see more: http://wp.me/p37pJW-hg

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  • Mcgypsy9
    Mcgypsy9 Mooresville, NC

    I too did this many years ago on a wall. I left a lot of the wrinkles in the paper to give it more texture, stained it, and it turned out fabulous! I have since done this on a wood tool box, some books and getting ready to do a floor as well. Came

  • Sun One
    Sun One Woodville, TX

    I did my stairs, turned out gorgeous. One tip I found is to mark one side of your craft paper so that you will use the same side up throughout the project. It makes a difference.

  • Chris
    Chris New Zealand

    this looks fabulous ... I def want to do my studio floor now. Huge kiwi hugs to you wonderful inspiring ladies

  • Rachel
    Rachel Springdale, PA

    is the floor different shades or is it the lighting showing it that way?

  • Huda Husnain

    oh wow! :D i am about to start my bathroom soon... how is yours holding up? i want to do glitter floor but want to know if poly provides enough protection. i live in a single bedroom apartment. and my only bather is my master bathroom, but i dont

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