Temporary Pergola?

I'm having a backyard dinner party to celebrate my sister's Master's degree, and I would like to have a straight row of tables under a fabric draped pergola. Is there any way to build a pergola that's not set in concrete? I've seen some set in flower pots filled with concrete. Any other suggestions for building something temporary?
  • Mickii Dole
    I would use pier blocks with brackets for 4x4 lumber as uprights. Then I would use brackets on top of those, with holes drilled for large bolts to go through either 4x4 or 2x4 cross pieces. Minimal bracing would be involved, and you could use a natural
    • CrystalRiver Ventures
      Do you have photos of this? I am living in my trailer in a gravel pit and would like to build a pergola for a cooking area that I can take with me to every work site
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