• Sia@South 47th
    Sia@South 47th Sacramento, CA
    Yeppers those labels do the trick! Fab! xox
  • Mssmatch
    Mssmatch Florence, KY
    how were u able to pour hot wax without using a pot holder? The tin can is hot even when the wax is warm
  • James@TheCavenderDiary
    LOL, The wax had cooled a few minutes, and I have very thick skin on my hands .......
  • Bobbie B
    Bobbie B Fairfield, OH
    I will never forget when I was 13 I received a candle making kit for Christmas. My mom had just bought her new appliances when we moved and I was so excited to try out my new gift! YUP, I sure did! I spilled the candle wax down the side of the stove
  • James@TheCavenderDiary
    I had an experience like that once too, Bobbie, I'm much better with age now,
  • Debbie
    Debbie Sykesville, MD
    Hi James, love this idea...great way to make a candle more masculine too!