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Kitchen Remodel

Our kitchen was outdated, dirty and just plain gross when we moved in. I love using what I already have and giving new life to it...also that saves on money. I've always wanted white shaker cabinets but knew I definitely couldn't afford brand new ones. So we decided to get creative!
I first cleaned the all years of grime off. This house was built in the sixties and these are the original cabinets. Old and ugly but still in great condition. After cleaning we took off the doors and pulled out the drawers so we could add trim to them.
After my awesome hubby cut and attached all the trim I got to painting! I first primed everything...let dry 24 hours and did two coats of semi gloss bright white paint. Allowing 24 hours after every coat. Took awhile, but I was getting so excited to see everything come together!
  • kitchen remodel, home improvement, kitchen design
We added new hardware to the cupboard doors and drawers. I love how the black pops. Next was getting rid of that ugly counter top!!!
  • kitchen remodel, home improvement, kitchen design
We wanted butcher block but again it would have been more than we wanted to spend. We decided to make our own. I love the look of wood!!
  • kitchen remodel, home improvement, kitchen design
I absolutely love my sink. Got a great deal on it from Amazon. Same with the faucet.
  • kitchen remodel, home improvement, kitchen design
This house didn't come with a dishwasher....so that wasn't going to work. My hubby made it happen though! We took out part of the bottom cupboard and it was the perfect place for a new dishwasher! Yay!!!
  • kitchen remodel, home improvement, kitchen design
  • kitchen remodel, home improvement, kitchen design
  • kitchen remodel, home improvement, kitchen design
  • kitchen remodel, home improvement, kitchen design
I re-used the cupboard we took out. On the wall where the fridge is there was nothing else. Look bare and just plain horrible! So I used on that wall. Did the wood counter for the top and used legs to extend it. Perfect spot for the trash can.
  • kitchen remodel, home improvement, kitchen design
  • kitchen remodel, home improvement, kitchen design
For all the counter tops I stained with minwax provincial and used a satin polyurethane.....seven coats!!! I didn't want to crowd this space with top cabinets so i went with shelves. I stained them with minwax Jacobean. ( My favorite go to stain for most of my projects)
  • kitchen remodel, home improvement, kitchen design
On the opposite wall of the fridge where the stove is was another empty space. We did by a small cabinet to fit and again made the counter top. I thought it would be a perfect space for my coffee! The two shelves were already there but it actually had a cubby that went into the wall. No. So we filled that in and now you can't even tell!
  • kitchen remodel, home improvement, kitchen design
I used white subway tile with black grout. Love that look! I absolutely love what we were able to do with some hard work and trying to be as frugal as possible!!
  • kitchen remodel, home improvement, kitchen design
The counter was made out of craft board/pine board I found at Lowe's. We used two pieces, each being 72 inches long, then smaller pieces for where the fridge is and other side of the stove. We needed 26 in wide counter top...the width of the board we got was only 24 in. So we added a 1 in piece of trim to the front and back of the board. On each side of the board we added a 2 in piece of trim wood. We pre-drilled where we were going to screw it together then screwed it. Any screw holes or gaps were filled in with stainable wood filler. I then stained with Minwax Provincial (one coat) and used Minxwax water based poly in satin. I did seven coats of poly letting each coat dry approx 3 hrs and sanded lightly between coats. We attached the counter to the cabinets using liquid nails and also screwing it on where we could. The counters cost only about $200.
The wood used to trim out the cabinet doors was also purchased at Lowes. It is poplar. They have all different lengths and widths. The cost of that was about $200 as well.....still cheaper than new cabinets though! Add about $50 in paint.
I already had the hardware I bought a couple of years ago but that cost around $45.
The table legs I used for the counter by the fridge were about $15 each.
Subway tile was purchased at Lowes for $24. Grout was purchased from Ace Hardware---for $90!!! But thank god I had a gift card. It was really good grout though. It was an epoxy grout so I didn't have to seal it. Mortar was only about $10.
We got a great Memorial Day sale on our range, fridge and dishwasher. We spent a little over $2,000.
The sink was ordered off of Amazon for $200, (Lowes had it for $300) as well as the faucet for $60.
Lowes has all different sizes of this craft/pine board. I have used it to put new tops on my end tables, I have also made a coffee table out of it and a bunch of other things!I love it!

Materials I used for this project:

  • Craft Board/Pine board   (Lowes)
  • Sherwin Williams Bright White Ovation latex paint, semi gloss-about a gallon and a half   (Lowes)
  • Minwax stain in Provincial   (Lowes)
See all materials
  • Lenna Burnham

    looks great.. I can't find 'craft board' at Lowe's do you have another name?

    • Andrea
      Andrea Warren, PA

      It is also called pine board..try looking that up! Thank-you!

  • Lisa House
    Lisa House Vickery, OH

    Fabulous job! I have done my own wooden counter tops in the past, prefer them over everything else! I also miss my white kitchen cabinets...you made yours look very high end! I had a small kitchen and know what I spent for my cabinets so you were

  • Eroque022810

    Beautiful transformation. You 2 should be so proud of your work. But how did you cook the first time, I had my kitchen done and didn't want anyone touching it for a good week then I allowed them to cook. HAHAHA I'm not joking.

  • Smarch51

    Stunning! My dream kitchen but my hubby refuses to paint wood & our cabinets are dark & so dreery... :(
    Bless your hubby for being a visionary. (Do you loan him out?) You guys did a wonderful job!

  • Rebecca Platt
    Rebecca Platt Muskegon, MI

    Lovely. We just remodeled our kitchen as well. We painted all cabinets except for the bottom unit which we replaced. Turned out great.

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