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How To Turn Your Candles To A Christmas Decor

Candles are like a staple home decor and why would you not like to have them anyway. Candles give off such a warm, cozy and romantic feel to the house.
For this Christmas season, you can get your existing candles at home and easily turn them into a Christmas decor .
Use whatever shape and size of candle you have. I had a set of three cube candles so that is what I used for this diy.
Use a metallic multi surface acrylic paint and paint the letters of the word you want to be on your candles. Since I have three candles, I chose the word joy. Apply two coats of paint. Dry the first coat before applying the next coat.
Apply some Mod Podge on the bottom part of the candle in a pattern you like. You can make it pointy, wavey or how I did mine which was just irregular pattetns.
Sprinkle some gold glitter on the wet Mod Podge. I know, can you see how I spilled the glitter! Sprinkle, don't pour.
Remove all the excess glitter by slightly tapping the candle over a sheet of paper.
I decided to add some dots. Do the same process. Some glitter will be stubbornly sticking to the candle, just use a dry paintbrush to remove the excess and make sure they all fall off on the sheet of paper.
When the glitter on the Mod podge has dried, apply a coat of Mod Podge on top of the dried glitter. This seals the glitter in place.
Super easy but lovely.

To see more: http://www.fancymomma.com/turn-your-candles-to-a-christmas-decor

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