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What is the best material to use for a raised planting bed for vegitables?

Concerned with pressure treated lumber leaching into the soil.
  • Dan's of Central Florida, Inc.

    Hi Jim,
    You could use other things such as brick, block or stone if you wanted too. However pressure treated lumber can be used, just keep any plantings at least a foot away from the wood, 2 feet if possible. PT wood contains arsenic that might

  • Linda Dann
    Linda Dann Glassboro, NJ

    Many years ago we made a raised bed beside our driveway- on our small dark front lawn I wanted an all white garden. The first year- the white impatiens were lovely- thereafter NOTHING grew in that thing-and I do believe the toxins (at the time I

  • Theresa Shaut
    Theresa Shaut Grand Haven, MI

    I use cinder blocks, cheap, easy, 8" of good compost should be good enough for most veggies, make them 2 rows high (supported by rods) fill the holes-grow marigolds (to repel bugs). We also have coated fencing running across part of the garden (fence