What is the best material to use for a raised planting bed for vegitables?

Concerned with pressure treated lumber leaching into the soil.
  • Dan's of Central Florida, Inc.
    Hi Jim,

    You could use other things such as brick, block or stone if you wanted too. However pressure treated lumber can be used,

  • Linda Dann
    Linda Dann Glassboro, NJ
    Many years ago we made a raised bed beside our driveway- on our small dark front lawn I wanted an all white garden. The first year- the white impatiens were lovely- thereafter NOTHING grew in that thing-and I do believe the toxins (at the time I didn't
  • Theresa Shaut
    Theresa Shaut Grand Haven, MI
    I use cinder blocks, cheap, easy, 8" of good compost should be good enough for most veggies, make them 2 rows high (supported by rods) fill the holes-grow marigolds (to repel bugs). We also have coated fencing running across part of the garden (fence
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