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Cleaning Vintage Linens

An Antique Linen Dealer shared her secret with me, over 25 years ago, for cleaning vintage linens. This was before Oxygen cleaners and many spot treatments were readily available. I would try the newer ones first. If they do not work, this has worked for me. Please note, always test a small area first. If you are happy with the results, proceed with caution, at your own risk.

To see more: http://coastal-colors.blogspot.com/2013/11/cleaning-vintage-and-antique-linens-tip.html

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  • Rita White Baton Rouge, LA
    Cascade and other dishwashing detergents have bleach in them. Use carefully!
  • I use Retro Clean with wonderful results. Took stains right out of my vintage linens and quilts. The colors didn't bleed as well. No, I do not work for them or are associated with them in any way. Just a satisfied customer.
  • What Meegan Makes Las Vegas, NV
    Thanks for the great tip. I am excited to try it.
  • Debby Ruffin Havelock, NC
    What a wonderful idea....I have crocheted bedspread handmade by my maternal grandmother and it has several stains on it from moving this year...I am definitely going to try this out...I also love vintage doilies, etc. from flea markets and shops....
  • Debra Anderson Sand Springs, OK
    What about Borax? Will it work in place of powdered dish soap? There's a couple hand crocheted table covers I'd like to brighten up.
  • Sharon Coventry, CT
    If I have "rust" stains on anything, I squirt a toilet bowl cleaner product called "The Works". I get it at Walmart, but have also seen it at other stores. It's really cheap and does the trick. Does not harm fabrics at all. Just don't get it on your
  • Marie Adams Kemp, TX
    thanks P.J.C.
  • Jackie Panama City, FL
    I had good luck using BIZ on imported Irish lace window panels. They'd been stored in a cardboard box in the attic of the neighbor I bought them from at her yard sale. The glue from the tape on the box had discolored the panels. I soaked and washed them
    • Diana Monroe, NC
      Jhsm where do you buy biz? Thank you.
    • Sharon Coventry, CT
      Diana You can purchase Biz at most grocery stores in the laundry aisle. It's awesome stuff. Dissolve the Biz in hot water, then add your fabric.
  • Jackie Panama City, FL
    I have bought the powdered form at Walmart. I believe it also comes in a liquid, but I have never bought it. It seems that it is usually near the bottom of the store shelves and the box is predominately blue. You can google BIZ and ask where it is
  • This might work but after cleaning if u want to have that really vintage look of antiqued color u can soak them overnight in a dark tea mixture then line dry inside so sun doesn't bleach them! Gives as beautiful antiqued ivory look.
  • Jackie Panama City, FL
    @Diana, the reason I said Walmart is because I shop at a few stores and Walmart is the only on of them that carries it. Hopefully you will not have a problem finding it