Bed Sheets to Shower Curtain

For a floral, bright, and cheap shower curtain, skip the boutique shops and go thrift store! Get tutorial here

Doilies to Cement Bowls

Dip your doilies & other crocheted pieces into cement for these industrial chic decorations. Get tutorial here

Linen Curtains to Chair Seats

Got a big piece of fabric but it's not all salvageable? Cut pieces for chairs! Get tutorial here

Handkerchiefs to Quilt

Turn a collection of vintage handkerchiefs into a cozy quilt that everyone can enjoy. Get tutorial here

Scraps to Hanging Hearts

Make pretty hanging decor using scraps of old fabric from something sentimental you saved. Get tutorial here

Vintage Doilies to Table Runner

Lay a collection of doilies in a delicate design and sew them together, for instant charm. Get tutorial here

Old Wool Scarves to Cozy Throw

If you were wondering what to do with old of your extra, good quality scarves - this! Get tutorial here

Vintage Table Cloth to Window Curtain

This one isn't only brilliant, it's also a ne-sew success! Just fold up a vintage cloth for this. Get tutorial here

Dyed Doily to Jewelry Bowl

This easy craft will help you turn vintage doilies into pretty & colorful bowls for your desk. Get tutorial here

Thrift Store Bed Spread to Shower Curtain

You can find really gorgeous bedding at thrift stores - here's a bathroom beautifying trick. Get tutorial here

Antique Sheet into Headboard

Use an antique sheet as a colorful backdrop, with this stylish headboard idea. Get tutorial here

Vintage Silk Scarf into Sun Catcher

Using embroidery hoops, turn a vintage scarf into a few vibrant sun catchers for your window. Get tutorial here

Feed Sacks into Cafe Curtains

If you have any old feed sacks or coffee sacks, this kitchen update is a great way to use 'em! Get tutorial here

EXTRA: How to Clean Vintage Fabric

Before you start crafting or creating, clean your vintage fabric finds using her popular trick! Get tutorial here