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An Antique Linen Dealer shared her secret with me, over 25 years ago, for cleaning vintage linens. This was before Oxygen cleaners and many spot treatments were readily available. I would try the newer ones first. If they do not work, this has worked for me. Please note, always test a small area first. If you are happy with the results, proceed with caution, at your own risk.
An antique linen dealer shared her secret with me, over 25 years ago, for cleaning vintage linens.The first step was soaking in Biz, a powdered detergent. I soaked this crocheted tablecloth overnight in Biz. Directions are on the box.
Since stubborn stains remained, I moved onto the next step. I brought water to a gentle boil, not rolling and added powdered Cascade. Depending on the size of your item and pot will determine the amount of product you need to add.
I used a lobster pot, so I added 1/2 cup of Cascade. I turned the eye off before I tested a tiny area to decide if I should proceed. Next, I added the entire tablecloth and stirred constantly. I used tongs to help check the stains.
If you determine that this method may work for you. Always test a tiny area first.Then, proceed with caution, at your own risk. Only you know the age, type of fabric, size and condition of your piece. Note, rinse by hand and line dry.
This worked beautifully on my tablecloth. The stains are gone. For me, this was unusable before cleaning it. It didn't respond to Oxygen cleaners or pre-treatment cleaners. I have successfully used this method for 25+years.

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  • Jacqueline Giannotti-Lovorn
    Hi! I have an antique Spanish mantilla (veil) and would like to know if you have ever used this cleaning method for this fine lace. Thank you.
  • Karolyn Fredette
    I always (30+ years) soaked vintage white fabrics in a pot of warm water with a couple of denture cleaning tablets. Always does the trick and if one would put one's dentures in one's mouth - it certainly is safe for fabric! I never had a mishap.
  • Madamsword2u
    Try and find Biz !
  • Jackie
    Jackie Panama City, FL
    A google search showed that BIZ can be bought at Target.
  • Muggins Brehan
    Thank you for that, drgoodie, I've since found out that Target now deliver to France and sell Biz online, thanks Jackie. I sell antique and vintage linens and have tried just about every method for getting rid of age freckles and storage marks and on the