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Vintage Linens 2 days ago
An Antique Linen Dealer shared her secret with me, over 25 years ago, for cleaning vintage linens. This was before Oxygen cleaners and many spot treatments were readily available. I would try the newer ones first. If they do not work, this has worked for me. Please note, always test a small area first. If you are happy with the results, proceed with caution, at your own risk.
An antique linen dealer shared her secret with me, over 25 years ago, for cleaning vintage linens.The first step was soaking in Biz, a powdered detergent. I soaked this crocheted tablecloth overnight in Biz. Directions are on the box.
Since stubborn stains remained, I moved onto the next step. I brought water to a gentle boil, not rolling and added powdered Cascade. Depending on the size of your item and pot will determine the amount of product you need to add.
I used a lobster pot, so I added 1/2 cup of Cascade. I turned the eye off before I tested a tiny area to decide if I should proceed. Next, I added the entire tablecloth and stirred constantly. I used tongs to help check the stains.
If you determine that this method may work for you. Always test a tiny area first.Then, proceed with caution, at your own risk. Only you know the age, type of fabric, size and condition of your piece. Note, rinse by hand and line dry.
This worked beautifully on my tablecloth. The stains are gone. For me, this was unusable before cleaning it. It didn't respond to Oxygen cleaners or pre-treatment cleaners. I have successfully used this method for 25+years.

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  • Kathleen R
    Linda Hudson, most Walmart' carry it and you can order it from luck!
  • SW
    SW Lewiston, NY
    Not selling anything. Be careful with Cascade on natural fibers, I ruined a tunic using a weakened solution years ago. It darkend the spot rather then lightened.
  • Pat
    Pat Princeton, MN
    I've used oxylic acid (purchased through a druggist); or, for lighter soil soak in cream of tartar and tepid water ! Always rinse thoroughly.
  • Patti Avara
    Wonder if this would work on silk - maybe not the boiling part! I have a huge hand embroidered silk tablecloth with stains on it - picked it up at a yard sale for a couple bucks and would love to have it clean and shiny new!
  • Alex
    Alex Clearwater, FL
    Thank you!
  • Allison K
    Allison K Sandy Hook, CT
    One step that's missing that I learned from my MIL who grew up on a farm in Poland...when you're done with the hot water and whatever soap, detergent, etc., that you choose make sure you rinse until the water runs clear. Then, the most important step,
  • Kathie taylor
    Kathie taylor Largo, FL
    I was told by a dry cleaning company "Dial Soap" and cold water will remove any stain. I have used this method for 20 plus years. I use the original yellow-orange bar.Sometimes it requires soaking for several days. One tip I have: If bleach or a bleach
  • Tunde Kiss
    Will this work for candle stain also?
    • Love tiny spaces!
      You can also use paper towels and iron. We used this method on carpet after candle light services. Keep reusing clean paper towel until it no longer takes up any wax. Your stain should be gone!
  • Cora
    Cora Topeka, KS
    I have used this on toddler clothes from grape juice just don't leave to long it may cause discoloring on colored clothes
  • Maria Diaz
    Maria Diaz Marysville, MI
    Thank YOU!
  • Terry Caryer
    Terry Caryer Cleveland, OH
    Great idea I have lots of those type of linens that could use this treatment.
  • Julie Fullarton
    Julie Fullarton Australia
    lemon juice get rust out linen
  • Crystal
    Crystal Canada
    I have sprayed wine stains on a white top with peroxide and the stains came right out
  • Diana R
    Diana R Westfield, WI
    I bought a tablecloth at resale store. It was stained cotton material and embroidered. I laid it on my lawn in summer. Sprayed a oxyclean solution on it. Checking it though out the day and respraying area's til the stain disappeared. I kept the spray
  • Betsy
    Betsy Atlanta, GA
    Thanks, sounds great!