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Hi Hometalkers!

Its been a while since I shared an IKEA HACK with you all..truth be told.. its been a while since Ive done a trip to IKEA. Mine is about 45 min away from where I live so it kind of always ends up as a road trip.. a fun road trip though of course!

On my last trip to IKEA I bought far too many of the IKEA FROSTA stools... (no idea why, my brain goes to pots when I'm in that store) . I couldn't be bothered to exchange it or even sell it on... so I decided to repurpose it instead!

  • ikea hack from stool to plant shelf
I decided to make CUTE shelves for my numerous indoor plants! (By the way did you catch my previous post where I used kraft paper to make planter bags?)

Ill show you how I did this!

I started off by cutting the seating in half using a circular saw (you can also do this with a jigsaw but make sure you measure and mark first to get the line straight)
  • ikea hack from stool to plant shelf
Next, make holes in the center of each semi circle. You can do this using a hole drill (for exact drill size measurements please see my full blog post at the link at the bottom of this post)
  • ikea hack from stool to plant shelf
You then need to make brackets for each of these 'shelves'. Cut two of the legs to the length of each shelf
  • ikea hack from stool to plant shelf
And nail/glue in place
  • ikea hack from stool to plant shelf
Leave to dry overnight and attach to you wall using wall plugs and screws .

Add your plant and voila!

  • ikea hack from stool to plant shelf
A lot of people asked about drainage... visit the blog link below to see how I tackled this!

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To see more: http://grillo-designs.com/ikea-frosta-hack-diy-planter-shelf/

  • Maxmelia L. Franco-Maurice

    Thanks, awesome idea...gotta go to IKEA again soon.

  • Lynn
    Lynn Apple Valley, CA

    Would be great for outdoors on a patio , BUT indoors not so much , where would the water draining from the bottom of the plant go ? Thanks for the clever idea

  • Rebag717

    I like it and will ask my son to help me make one,

  • Fkomsa

    Couldn't you just buy 2 plant shelves

  • Laurie
    Laurie Modesto, CA

    Like this idea.

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