6 Considerations When Decorating a Small Space

Amy's Hometalk 04.30.16
Hi Readers,

Since my Blogger to WordPress transfer and redirect last month, I have been noticing some elements of my blog that didn’t transfer over. It wasn’t until last night that I realized one of my favorite posts just went away! Thank goodness for back-up! So here you are :).

1. Multi-Functional & Effectively Using Space You Have - This can be applied to many areas with in your decor. It could be applied to furniture, storage, and just your aesthetic.

2. Aesthetic - whether it is eclectic or shabby chic, all can be done in a successful way in a small space.

3. Color Scheme - neutral colors or an accent wall to add depth.

4. Less is More - keeping it simple is very important. You don’t want to try and be so crazy creative to over clutter your small space.

5. Furniture selection - clean lines can help a small space appear to me larger and cleaner

6. Storage - Hidden is usually my preference… but if you can pull off storage in a clean organized way, I say go for it!!!

To see more: http://artsandclassy.com/2014/01/6-considerations-when-decorating-a-small-space.html

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  • Virginia Fynes
    Wow these are some really great ideas!
  • Lori Rothermund
    Lori Rothermund Aberdeen, NC
    Wonderful ideas! I loved them all. You can even use them in large spaces. I especially loved the living room/family room area (??) it looked lovely!
  • Sue Hebert
    Sue Hebert Spring, TX
    I have been racking my brain as to how to add a breakfast bar. I absolutely LOVE the one you posted below the chandeilier. Thank you for this wonderful idea!! I will try to incorporate it into my house!
Meredith Greenberg