Gallery Wall for Small Wall. 5 of 5 White and Silver Décor Accent

old pic frames 2 days ago
Have a small wall space (this wall space is 22" wide) and want to bring a cute accent on a budget. This is what I used.

A wall gallery of budget frames. Three were $1 from Goodwill, two I had.

Butterflies made from computer clipart

Rhinestone trim $0.99

White high gloss paint (already had)

Silver glitter craft paint $1.59

Round small mirror tiles $1.99 for a bag

Difficulty: Easy
  • Small gallery wall
  • These frames I purchased a while back. Painted, added embellishments. Stacked and positioned on floor first. Attached with tiny nails and glue gun. They are very light weight
  • This one I added mirror tiles on the back. I used round because of the oval frame shape. You can see the mirror effect in the second picture.
  • This small frame was really beat up, I painted and distress it to try and cover up those spots and used silver glitter. Hot glued rhinestone trim on the other.
  • Printed butterflies from clipart in the color I wanted. Made two copies. Mod Podge the two copies together back to back. So the butterflies had thickness. Brushed one side with glitter. Cut and folded the wings up.
  • Attached them to the wall, I used a dab of wax adhesive. It leaves no residue or marks on the wall.
  • Added candlesticks on table beneath the wall gallery with items from #2, 3, and 4. Wall space and corner makes an eclectic vignette in white and silver. I'll change the curtains another day. :-)
  • Diane Nuckolls
    Diane Nuckolls Memphis, TN
    this is gorgeous. Good idea and I too shopat the thrift stores and repurpose. What a fun idea.
  • Donncha2000
    Really nice idea
  • Linda
    Linda Jefferson, WI
    beautiful, great ideas!

    Goodwill here I come

  • Beth Hancock
    Beth Hancock Joppa, MD
    Gorgeous!!! Inspires me to finish my gallery wall!
  • Stella
    stella Bushnell, FL
    So going to do this beautiful idea
  • Donna Fitzgerald
    Donna Fitzgerald Danville, VA
  • Anna
    Anna Wynne, AR
    I love it. Seems to just add that special touch.
  • Linda G
    Linda G Orlando, FL
    Sorry for the delay response. New Years Eve day and I'm finally getting caught up, just to start new again. :-)...Yes, yes, I do see what you mean! Thanks so much for the advice. Never too late for good design advice. Have a wonderful and safe New Year!
  • Lori
    Lori Canada
    Linda, they are so pretty. I wonder if I could make one small suggestion ( as if you have a choice right :) ) please try removing the table and setting the candle sticks on the floor just to give some separation between the two equally lovely
  • Sheila D
    Sheila D Lecanto, FL
    Great job! Love the colorful drape panel-nice touch!
  • Teresa
    Teresa West Springfield, MA
    I just love this! Especially the butterflies as an addition, as butterflies have a very special meaning for me. Thank you so much for sharing!
  • Morgan
    Morgan Longview, WA
    Adorable! I love this. :)
  • Mary Dohm
    Mary Dohm Waunakee, WI
    I've been collecting frames now I just have to get to work. Great idea.
  • Donna Stracener
    Donna Stracener Rosepine, LA
    I like it , think I'm going try it
  • Fin Byrne
    Fin Byrne United Kingdom
    Wow I'm gonna do this but use more frames as I've a large hall wall and this is ideal. Thank u :)
Linda G

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