Gallery Wall for Small Wall. 5 of 5 White and Silver Décor Accent

DIY 05.19.16
Have a small wall space (this wall space is 22" wide) and want to bring a cute accent on a budget. This is what I used.

A wall gallery of budget frames. Three were $1 from Goodwill, two I had.

Butterflies made from computer clipart

Rhinestone trim $0.99

White high gloss paint (already had)

Silver glitter craft paint $1.59

Round small mirror tiles $1.99 for a bag

Difficulty: Easy

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  • Linda
    Linda Jefferson, WI
    beautiful, great ideas!

    Goodwill here I come

  • Donncha2000
    Really nice idea
  • Diane Nuckolls
    Diane Nuckolls Memphis, TN
    this is gorgeous. Good idea and I too shopat the thrift stores and repurpose. What a fun idea.
  • Sonia
    Sonia Stockton, CA
    Wow! Beautiful and calming. I love white and silver .
  • Dee
    Dee Northampton, MA
    Absolutely beautiful. your wall.
Linda G