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Easy Maryland Flag Table

You never know where you’ll find your inspiration. This time my inspiration was from a neighbor’s tire cover. Don't worry, if you have no need for a Maryland flag just use the same techniques for any state flag, MLB, NHL, NFL collegiate logos...whatever inspires you. I’m seeing Man Cave!

Time: 4 Hours Cost: $8 Difficulty: Easy
What my neighbor had was an image of the Maryland state flag, and with my youngest son heading off to the University of Maryland in the fall I’m thinking project.  Wall art?  Pallets? Storage?…Tabletop!!
For this project you will need pallet wood, legs (mine are a flea market stool) and a glass tabletop if desired.
I found my stool at a flea market for $5 over the weekend.  The glass tabletop was from the salvage yard for $3.
Grab your image, transfer it to your favorite publishing software and enlarge it to your desired table size.  If you follow me, then you know that my software of choice is Microsoft Publisher.  With Publisher I can enlarge my image to absolutely any size.  This flag is a 24″ circle.

Print out your image and tape back together.  This will be your full sized pattern.
Gather your pallet wood.  The pallet wood can be different widths but should  all  be the same thickness.
Once your pallet wood is gathered, use your pattern to trace an outline of the image.

Use a jigsaw or scroll saw to cut out your table top.
I’m using my leftover pallet wood scraps as supports for the back of the table attached with a PORTER CABLE Finish Nailer.

I did end up filling in the rest of the back with even more pallet wood because I could see the edges on the final product but these cross braces were enough to hold the pallet wood together so I could start painting.
Before starting to paint, sand down all the rough edges.

I’m painting the background colors of my flag.  These are the lightest colors of the flag, easily covered up by the darker colors.
If you don’t have transfer paper (which I never seem to have) scribble on the back of your pattern with pencil or chalk.
Use a pen to trace over the lines of your pattern, transferring the detail to the table.
Finish your stool  (table legs) as desired.  Mine is painted with black chalk paint.
Attach more pallet wood to the lower spindles of the stool for an additional shelf.
Come visit me at the link below for more step by step pictures, paint finishing techniques, and more table top ideas.

Materials I used for this project:

  • Pallet wood
  • Stool   (flea market)
  • Glass top (optional)   (salvage yard)

To see more: http://scavengerchic.com/2017/08/15/maryland-flag-diy-table/

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