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Pebble Floor in New Shower

Jim Kumelos troweling down the pebble floor. This is the first layer, epoxy and pebbles. He will be layering epoxy over the pebbles for a smooth finish.
  • pebble floor in new shower, bathroom, diy renovations projects, flooring

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  • Cheryl Dewees
    Cheryl Dewees Tallahassee, FL

    That's awesome!! I would love to have something like that in my house.


  • Lavende
    Lavende Los Angeles, CA

    Very intriguing! Looks beautiful Do you find it gets slippery in the shower?

  • Marion Nesbitt


  • Patti Hendrix
    Patti Hendrix Nevada, MO

    I want to do this Pebblestone/Epoxy/Resin mixture as an entire shower. I already have this as my back splash in the kitchen and a pantry floor. Do you know someone I can talk to about building a shower with this product? I still have quite a bit

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