Decorating With Mason Jars

home crafty 04.12.16
Ever look at that shelf of mason jars and wonder what was I thinking? I believe that you can never, ever have too many but only if you really USE them. One of my favorite ways to get those vintage mason jars off the shelf is to use them in my decor.
My all-time favorite way to use them is as flower vases. I don't care what flower you have, anything looks better in a mason jar. Even clippings from a bush or tree!
All through the year, and especially at the holidays, I fill my vintage mason jars with greenery, flowers and natural elements.
A mason jar filled with simple hosta and daisies from a cutting garden adds an easy and absolutely FREE way to decorate with natural elements.
If you have a small space to fill, they make the perfect addition to your decor. The area above this set of cabinets is very small and it's hard to find something that fits. A row of mason jars makes me smile every time I walk in my kitchen!
Use them to fill in blank spaces in your vignettes. I used them in this tiered basket that holds some of my favorite things. If you look closely you can see a jar filled with South Carolina cotton bolls.
Put your memories in a jar...I brought home sand and shells from a family beach vacation. Now all it takes is a glance at that jar and I'm once again back on that beach!
Form and function meet when these jars are used for storage. One of my favorite storage solutions is using a jar for Q-Tips. Keeps them clean and away from the flying hair spray.
Mason jars don't have to be vintage and they don't have to be blue. If you want to add them to your decor, pick up a case of regular canning jars at any discount store. It's a budget-friendly way to organize your spaces and add a little interest at the same time.

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  • Ann
    Ann Findlay, OH
    Oh my gosh Larissa ~ Prodigal Pieces! We are neighbors!
  • Randi Dukes
    Randi Dukes Flower Mound, TX
    So many great ideas ... I love the versatility of mason jars.
  • Carole
    Carole Australia
    I love seeing these used as vases. Another use would be to store pretty soaps in for a guest bathroom. Some time ago I used a coffee jar that had a glass stopper - there is a brand of instant coffee which is still sold that has a lovely jar with glass
  • Cave Candy
    Cave Candy Hong Kong
    I especially love the seashell and sand one! I am so doing that the next time I collect shells from the beach!
  • Sharon @ mrs. hines class
    You've inspired me to get my stash of jars out of the cabinet and into my home!