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Garage Converted to a Family Room!

My husband, two daughters and I live in a small house. When our two daughters grew into teenagers we really started to feel a little cramped. We debated for years whether we should sacrifice our attached 1-car garage for more living space.
It took awhile to convince my husband to sacrifice the storage space of the garage for more living space, but he finally caved. Renovations took over a year. We had to build a wall where the garage door once was, add a window, insulate, re-sheet rock and build the floor up so that it is level.
We added the center bump out for architectural detail and to make a space for an electric fireplace. My husband also added the planks to the wall, and we had the mantle custom built. People still ask if we miss having the storage space. We really don't! The extra living space is totally worth it.
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To see more: http://thehoneycombhome.com/1-car-garage-turned-family-room/

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  • Linda
    Linda Canada

    That look beautiful... Maybe my garage could do with one of those make overs.

  • Kathy Garrett Stafford

    I did it too, but we needed more bedroom space. We enclosed the laundry with shutter doors along one side and and built closets alond the other side and now the twins share the room....we built a false wall in front of the garage door which we can

  • Donna Kay Edmonds
    Donna Kay Edmonds Statesboro, GA

    That is very pretty but the thing is I don't want to remove my garage doors - in case I decide down the road to go back to a garage. I am concrened about the wind dirt and rain coming in around the bottom of the door

  • David Lowery
    David Lowery Winston Salem, NC

    Not sure what people are complaining about giving up a garage for storage place. My garage is for my car. I put a building out back for all of my lawn equipment. This room looks great!

  • Louie
    Louie Toms River, NJ

    very nice, i did the same and made my art studio .

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