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Teen Boy's Bedroom

We recently completed our son's bedroom, which incorporates several styles including rustic, modern, traditional, and color! It was finished on a budget and full of DIY projects. I think we found the happy balance of keeping the things he loves on display, and pleasing a design-loving mom!
Difficulty: Easy
I love color and mixing patterns and styles, and I think we were able to achieve a grown-up look for his room while using his favorite colors and keeping a youthful feeling. This room was also very collected over time, incorporating many thrifted and second hand finds along with lots of DIY projects.
This is the before, just after we moved in 7 years ago...it's truly a blank slate! Even though we made improvements here and there over the years, it took a focused effort over the past year to get this room just right. And, this photo reminds me of how much my little guy has grown!
The planked wall was truly a family effort! When our old fence needed to be replaced, we saved 6-8 panels from going to the dump. After removing the pickets, pulling the nails, cleaning the boards well and giving them a light sanding, they were perfectly rustic and weathered!
The wall is certainly the star of the room and provides the perfect backdrop for the bed. Actually, seeing the impact on the room, I'm surprised at how easy it was to accomplish!
My son loves to collect things, and to keep them out where he can see them (on every surface, lining the walls, etc...can anyone relate?) The Ikea Expedit was the perfect combination of storage and display for us. His favorite things are showcased, and the bins keep smaller things tucked away out of sight yet easily accessible.
Rather than taking up space on the nightstand, we opted for a pair of inexpensive hanging sconces. They are installed on separate dimmer switches so the brightness is easily adjustable depending on the time of day. He loves the novelty of the dimmers!
A gallery wall filled an empty space nicely, and the organic arrangement of frames allows us to add on to it easily. Once again, we've displayed a collection of souvenir patches, and photographed some favorite toys to use as artwork.
Lastly, we use it too much to replace it, so that boring ceiling fan got an upgrade, and now it ties right in! This room is almost entirely budget friendly DIY projects, and most of them are so easy that anyone could do them! I'd love for you to visit my blog for more details and tutorials!

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