Front Walkway built out of inexpensive cement pavers, red lava rocks, and solar lights

sidewalk redo 06.17.15
Our home had a simple walkway with cement pavers, which proved to be a hassle when we mowed the lawn. We finished the walkway simply by digging up the grass, adding red lava rocks, flowers, and solar lights to boost up our curb appeal!

  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    How have those solar lights been working...I have seen these basic "lowes" ones only last 6 months or so before they start to fail.
    • Laronda
      Laronda Sylmar, CA
      KMS Woodworks I have purchased some in the past and they work great only down fall it seems the gardener always runs them over!
  • Carol S
    Carol S Warwick, RI
    True that -- no matter what you pay --------Who want to have solar anything - when the technology can't even keep a walk way lamp lit.............Rechargibable batteries and all -- whata crock---
Kirsten S