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Garden Salvage

I took an old door and coated the glass with mirror paint, then I mounted it on my fence. I added some porch poles and bunk bed slats as a frame around the door; decorating it with paint and flower pot finials. I added a decorative piece of steel as a topper and put some stepping stones in front of it. This is my "secret" door to nowhere.
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  • Sue H Marietta, GA
    I have mirrors from a condo redo with shutters on each side of one in yard that the light hits from the flood light (dog makes come on) and another one behind my pond and great angle as you see my outside Christmas tree twice. Love it. Where do you get
    • Carol C Battle Creek, MI
      Sue H I've found it at Hobby Lobby and Michaels it's made by Krylon.
  • Patricia Mayne Kennesaw, GA
    I love it! A beautiful entrance to a mythical meditative garden.
  • Kimmi Murfreesboro, TN
    SOOOO making this for my Zen Garden!! LOVE IT!! Thanx for sharing!!!
  • Sherry Lee Enterprise, AL
    Omg!! How clever! Love it! I am so doing this on privacy fench out back.. Thanks for sharing!!
  • OH< what a neat idea, thanks for sharing !
  • Sharon Beavercreek, OR
    Love this too.
  • Valerie South Africa
    I really like the way this turned out! Thanks for sharing.
  • Kelley Ardmore, OK
    Love the look!
  • Jim Lambert Seattle, WA
    what a great idea! I'm going to try this - I have a perfect spot for something like this
  • Shirley P Boyd, TX
    what a great idea, don't have a wood fence maybe the side of pump house would do, what do you think?
    • Carol C Battle Creek, MI
      Shirley P I think that's a great idea...I think this would work in a variety of places. I hope you share a picture if you make one :)