Garden Salvage

6 days ago
I took an old door and coated the glass with mirror paint, then I mounted it on my fence. I added some porch poles and bunk bed slats as a frame around the door; decorating it with paint and flower pot finials. I added a decorative piece of steel as a topper and put some stepping stones in front of it. This is my "secret" door to nowhere.
  • I love to repurpose junk to decorate my garden.
  • My door is flanked with my funnel planters.
  • "The Salvage Garden"
  • Jim Lambert
    Jim Lambert Seattle, WA
    what a great idea! I'm going to try this - I have a perfect spot for something like this
  • Shirley P
    Shirley P Boyd, TX
    what a great idea, don't have a wood fence maybe the side of pump house would do, what do you think?
    • CC
      Shirley P I think that's a great idea...I think this would work in a variety of places. I hope you share a picture if you make one :)
  • Barb Sanders
    Barb Sanders New Bern, NC
    Love to salvage myself. Have acquired quite a bit...need to put it out! Thanks Barb
  • Symea
    Symea Salt Lake City, UT
    such a cool idea, thanks i'm stealing it =) it feels like you can open that door to a "secret" garden in another realm.
    • Symea
      Symea Salt Lake City, UT
      CC It's more of a window I found on the side of the road, old and distressed already. I will post pics =)
  • LaRena Dorsey
    LaRena Dorsey La Verkin, UT
    I have been looking for something to do with a glass sliding door I pick up at a yard-sell… , first I was looking to do a green house… That was costing to much… Now THIS IS A GREAT IDEAL… NOW I’M GOING TO DO THIS… THANKS FOR SHARING!