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Can I successfully paint cabinets made from pressed "wood" and covered in a contact paper like stuff?

I have no idea what one would call what these cabinets are made from! I only know they are ugly and I want to paint them!
  • Kirsten Landt Rodriguez

    I have the same cabinets Woodbridge described - my question is do you peel off what you can and then fill or just cut off the loose paper laminate and then fill to be even?

  • Char
    Char Conover, NC

    I too have the same cabinets Woodbridge described, mine however may have gotten wet at some point because the pressed wood is kind of swollen in places. Mostly on the bottoms. Can anything be done to fix that before prime/sand/paint? Or are there

    • Deanie Winter
      Deanie Winter Simi Valley, CA

      @Char I would try a product used by painters called Gesso. It is used to seal painters canvis. Once the swelling happens you probably should clamp it after you apply the Gesso. Let it dry and sand if needed and then add another coat of the Gesso. You

  • Sandra Lila Lomeli
    Sandra Lila Lomeli Aurora, IL

    hi everyone. I am new here. I have white kitchen cabinets that have a plastic coating that is peeling off, what is underneath looks like pressed something....is there anyway to create a distressed wood look on this?

  • Michelle
    Michelle Janesville, WI

    Can I paint over msg cabinets?

    • Deanie Winter
      Deanie Winter Simi Valley, CA

      @Michelle I have been able to paint over it. I have the white ones.

  • Heather
    Heather Tooele, UT

    Gesso would work great. Also, Chalk paint would be a great option. You dont have to prime before. I have an entire blog post on using chalk paint and milk paint that might be helpful for you. www.onehorselane.com
    Hope that helps!