My Home

  • From the backyard looking through the arbor.
  • The potting shed
  • Hydrangeas peeking through the picket fence
  • The azalea border in bloom. That is the back side of the potting shed.
  • My pretty birdhouse. My husband built it!
  • Through the arbor to the potting shed
  • Donna Lowery
    do you deadhead the flowers to get them to keep blooming and are they in full sun, shade or an area where they get both sun and shade. Just trying to figure out the best spot to plant my Endless summers here in zone 9 ca.
  • Lorraine F
    Lorraine F Virginia Beach, VA
    They get some shade and sun. No, you don't need to deadhead hydrangeas. In the late summer (I'm cutting them now) I let the blooms get papery feeling but not brown and then I cut stems of them and stand them in vases or bottles indoors in the cool house
  • Donna Lowery
    Thank you Lorraine. They are beautiful. What state are you in?
  • Lorraine F
    Lorraine F Virginia Beach, VA
    I'm in coastal Virginia.....Virginia Beach
  • Sharon B
    Sharon B Scranton, PA
    Lorraine F. Love the flowers...but want that bird house!!! Can your hubby make me one?
Lorraine F