Concrete Cobblestone Path

DIY Outdoors 10.05.15

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We wanted to find something unique to use for our pathway and patio. We couldn't find anything we really liked. When I came across this concrete form from Lowes I was so excited. Not only does it look great but it was very cost effective.

To learn how we did it visit my blog at

  • Liz Ellsworth
    I've always wondered how to do this. So that's how! Cobblestone paths are so elegant.


  • Pierre.lariviere
    Can you buy the form to create the cobblestone path and if so, where can you buy it?
  • Pierre.lariviere
    My name is Pierre. I don't know why it came up as
  • Akis Kollias
    hi, όπου μπορώ να αγοράσω αυτό το γραμματόσημο για να κάνει αυτή τη διαδρομή; thanks συγνώμη για τα αγγλικά μου
  • Ellen
    Ellen Montgomery, TX
    We did this probably 20 years ago at the school where I taught... they have aged beautifully, looking even nicer as they have gotten older!
Camie Jenkins

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