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Organize Your Refrigerator

It's back to school time for us, which means time to pack lunches on a daily basis. Every year, right before school starts, I try to organize our refrigerator to make meal preparation and lunch packing easier. I also use chalk markers in the freezer to list it's contents on the inner wall. Meal prep becomes much easier when you actually know what you have.
Use plastic bins to organize like items. I use them to keep fruits and veggies separate.
Use smaller containers that lock to keep lunchmeat fresh.
Write the contents of your freezer on the freezer wall with a chalk pen. It helps you to know what you have in there when it's time to plan meals, and it erases easily.
Try to label everything possible. I try to keep sandwich making condiments separate from cooking condiments for easy use.

To see more: http://www.mom4real.com/2012/01/organizing-your-refrigerator.html

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