Awesome Remodels 02.10.14

Chair Redesign

Another chair restored from junk, this I found sitting in a store here in Duluth. I picked her up one afternoon tucked her in my wagon and brought her home. The hunt for the right fabric began. I wanted something simple but yet made a statement. I named this one 'Gypsy' for her simplicity from the crisp white cotton fabric and carefree dandelions ready to take over your living room.
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  • Carol C Mentor, OH
    Did you also reupholster the chairs?
  • Marie W Euless, TX
    would be interesting to see the original material?
  • I've restored 2 more chairs in the last couple month and this time I tried both bold and subtle prints. The red was just a coincidence and wasn't intentional. They were a pair of chairs but I gave them both different fabric so they can be accent chairs.
  • Chairmanship! Just awesome!
  • How hard is it to reupholster chairs such as this? We bought one a few years back and I really would love to give it some new life but I have never attempted to recover anything more complicated than a rectangular cushion and back for our lawn swing...
  • gorgeous!
  • Elaine Simmons Florence, AZ
    When I was in my 20's, I reupholstered two chairs. I bought cheap fabric because I never reuhholstered before and thought they might not turn out. They turned out great but wore out right away with 5 kids. But even then, it took so much strength to pull
  • I love all the prints and think the work is beautifully done!
  • Mary Ruth Palm Bay, FL
    Great work, nice after pictures too!
  • Carolyn Bostic Springfield, MO
    Very nice re-dos. I like the 2 graphic prints better than the "words" chair but am very impressed with your style all the way around.
  • Mary Waller, TX
    I wish you lived closer to me, I would love to have you do my two wing back chairs.
  • Marilee H Youngstown, OH
    Wow! This is a skill I wish I had.
  • Gorgeous Job Yamini! I certainly appreciate the work involved as I just finished a cane back barrel chair which was my step #2 after just plain chair seats! Have you taken any upholstery lessons before tackling this degree of difficulty?
  • Rachel Medina Ogallala, NE
    Love, love, love!!!
  • Valerie South Africa
    You certainly have an eye for a good find! They look awesome.