Rats keep climbing up my drain pipes and evidently eat their way through the drywall to get in to the attic and/or

basement. I live in a woodsy area, but keep the landscape clean and sparse around the house, to no avail. Any suggestions?

  • M. Cary And Daughters Plumbing Contractors Inc
    if you stuff steel wool into the openings they are getting in thru and put tin or some other sheet type metal on the inside of where they are getting in in should stop them, as they do not like steel wool in their teeth.
  • Keller Pest Control
    Keller Pest Control Harrisonville, MO
    Place exterior rodent stations around the home then keep them baited year round it will dramatically reduce yuor problem. rats will travel as much as 100 feet. Inspect the property to determine nest sites,food and water sources and correct what you can.
  • Leitha Mangum
    Leitha Mangum South Plainfield, NJ
    Ihave had my home sealed by a professional pest remover and is still having a problem. I have used three exterminators and they made the problem worst. No one can determine the entrance point for what ever is getting into the walls of my home. I would
  • Keller Pest Control
    Keller Pest Control Harrisonville, MO
    I cant answer that unfortunately without inspecting your house. I do have some questions about the house. Is it loud scratching or squeeking noise/ Where exactly do you hear the noises and what time of day. .IE (first floor second floor Kitchen Bath
  • Woodbridge Environmental Tiptophouse.com
    Leitha, contact me. I can come by and do a look see for you. Phone number is on profile or send me an email.