Fire & Water Bowl

This custom made fire/water bowl was an ad-on to an existing waterfall we built in 2003. Our customer was looking for something over the top to add to his already " WOW" pond, so we built on top of of an already 5' high waterfall to create a dramatic 8' drop, cascading over a 5' drop.

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  • Patty
    Patty Bellingham, WA
    Holy Moly talk about over the top water feature! This is fabulous and glad Bruce was able to enjoy it before he passed. I'm sure every time they look at this incredible water/fire feature he'll be thought of with love :)
  • Lentzcaping, Inc.
    Lentzcaping, Inc. Warrington, PA
    Beautiful work, I am sure that brought your customer much joy in his final days!
  • Karen W
    Karen W Murfreesboro, TN
    Absolutely breathtaking!! I am so sorry to hear about his passing but what a wonderful, memorable way to memorialize him!
  • Connie K
    Connie K Kennesaw, GA
    This is a truly unique and gorgeous garden and the water features are truly phenomenal. Now, why does it seem that when I find a landscape design that I really like, it's creator is always clear across the country from me.
  • Melody Drinkwater Wagner
    WOW is right! I'd never be indoors again. BEAUTIFUL!
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