• AJ Ogden-Paparone
    AJ Ogden-Paparone Floral Park, NY
    I loved everything!!!! <3 You're very talented!
  • Sheila Kay Bowling
    Sheila Kay Bowling Felicity, OH
    You made some wonderful things.......thank you for sharing them.......
  • Ijensen
    ijensen Altamont, UT
    We must be "Sliver Sisters"....LOL I love reclaimed lumber also. But a sliver from reclaimed lumber hurts like no other...LOL Your projects are inspiring....especially love the tool box with the hand drill....so creative!!!
  • Jennifer Lynn
    Jennifer Lynn Monroe, NY
    You are on a roll!
  • Carol Ashcraft
    Carol Ashcraft Milan, IN
    You are truly Blessed, Love the way you help keep odds and ends from going to trash dumps and landfills. God Bless You, hopefully you will inspire others.
FunkyJunk Interiors - Donna