Professional Pond Builders Perspective on a Backyard pond makeover in Before, During and After Process Photos

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Almost every job we do, it is inevitable that the respective client says, "My gosh I did not know that there was this much involved in building a water feature?!" To me, that is a complement to the overall finished look and feel of a well built water feature, one that looks as easy to build as it does refined. Hopefully these process photos can help better enable a clients perspective through the eyes of a contractors process photos. If your a Do It Yourself, or a hiring a Professional Pond Builder, keep in mind the building process, as sometimes it can be enduring, but that eventually should lead to the end result, pure beauty and relaxation. Enjoy!
  • Before. A sloping hillside is Always a great start!
  • A narrow passage is sometimes a challenge...every inch is going to have to be utilized in order to maximize the space.
  • It only takes a Hole to get a pond started?!
  • Underlayment, liner and then rock is our process to a sound Pond foundation. Notice the fish cave in the corner of the pond, a place of refuge for our finned friends.
  • Next, we gravel all the points in between and around our boulders and rocks.. the gravel "locks" the boulders and rock into place as well as it serves as surface area for beneficial bacteria growth. Great for aquatic planting too.
  • Next in the process is creating the stream formation. This is where creativity meets form and function. Stream construction is often a signature among Pond builders, allowing creativity through "rock placement". Let it rip!
  • The building process is Complete! Now it is on to enjoyment, and of course recounting all the joys, twist and turns encountered during the process.
  • This is the Landscape Architect and Homeowner who we worked with to create this awesome water feature. We all worked as a team and the process was smooth sailing. The planning process began with an expectations/logistics "pre-meeting".
  • Stream creativity! Integrated driftwood, that was picked from a local river system.
  • Twisting turning, giving some creative sight lines to the stream formation.
  • A long ways from the before photo, and we made every inch of yard count! Stick with the process and see it to the end and you should be amazed at the outcome!
  • Turpin Landscaping Inc
    Turpin Landscaping Inc Coatesville, PA
    This looks great!
  • The Fishman, LLC
    The Fishman, LLC Birmingham, AL
    Yes Deck and Patio, that is a fish cave....we took a 36" ADS section of pipe and cut in half, put in place and veneered with stone.
  • The Fishman, LLC
    The Fishman, LLC Birmingham, AL
    Just Add Water, the stream is approximately 40'.
  • The Fishman, LLC
    The Fishman, LLC Birmingham, AL
    Douglas Hunt, you are correct....almost every build we do, the customer cannot believe how involved the process is. A properly built and aesthetically pleasing pond should look effortless, because the spaces between creativity and mechanics should be
  • Rocky Mountain WaterScape
    Great transformation of that yard!
The Fishman, LLC

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