Professional Pond Builders Perspective on a Backyard pond makeover in Before, During and After Process Photos

My new discovery 03.26.15
Almost every job we do, it is inevitable that the respective client says, "My gosh I did not know that there was this much involved in building a water feature?!" To me, that is a complement to the overall finished look and feel of a well built water feature, one that looks as easy to build as it does refined. Hopefully these process photos can help better enable a clients perspective through the eyes of a contractors process photos. If your a Do It Yourself, or a hiring a Professional Pond Builder, keep in mind the building process, as sometimes it can be enduring, but that eventually should lead to the end result, pure beauty and relaxation. Enjoy!

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  • Turpin Landscaping Inc
    Turpin Landscaping Inc Coatesville, PA
    This looks great!
  • The Fishman, LLC
    The Fishman, LLC Birmingham, AL
    Yes Deck and Patio, that is a fish cave....we took a 36" ADS section of pipe and cut in half, put in place and veneered with stone.
  • The Fishman, LLC
    The Fishman, LLC Birmingham, AL
    Just Add Water, the stream is approximately 40'.
  • The Fishman, LLC
    The Fishman, LLC Birmingham, AL
    Douglas Hunt, you are correct....almost every build we do, the customer cannot believe how involved the process is. A properly built and aesthetically pleasing pond should look effortless, because the spaces between creativity and mechanics should be
  • Rocky Mountain WaterScape
    Great transformation of that yard!
The Fishman, LLC